WPSD Announces Settlement With the WPEA

The following is a press release sent out by the Woodland Park School District.

The legal dispute between the Woodland Park Education Association (WPEA), its President, Nathaniel Owen, and the Woodland Park School District (WPSD) and the Board of Education has concluded with a resolution that both parties have agreed upon.

WPSD is delighted with the outcome reached on Tuesday, October 31. WPEA and WPSD settled the lawsuit following mutually agreed adjustments to the language of policy KDDA. Parties have agreed that the policy’s new language addresses the concerns raised by both sides during the dispute.

Importantly, WPSD will maintain its position of not negotiating with the WPEA, while the WPEA president has secured the opportunity to meet with Superintendent Witt monthly as a mechanism to have WPEA concerns heard.

WPSD is committed to continuing its practice of seeking input and perspectives from educators directly rather than through union organizations. This approach reflects the school district’s dedication to engaging in open dialogue with its valued educators.

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