Small Change, But Big Fiscal Impact For CC/V School District

Miriam Mondragon

Superintendent, Cripple Creek/Victor RE-1 School District


This November, Cripple Creek-Victor School District is hoping voters in Cripple Creek will approve a 1% sales tax increase to expand our Career & Technical Education Programs and Adult Education Center.


For decades, CCVSD has done our part to fill voids within the community.


We have successfully written and been awarded grants that have allowed us to establish our School Based Health Center, now Gorman Medical, providing medical and mental health care for residents of all ages. The Childcare Partnership Grant brought 10 child care centers to Teller County.



And most recently, the $1.49 RISE grant allowed the school district to re-establish and bolster our Career & Technical Education Programs and open an Adult Education Center.


In the first year, we were able to place 17 district-paid student interns to work in 10 local businesses at no cost to the local business owner(s); help 37 adults in our community earn licenses, certifications and/or complete their GED at little or no cost to them; 100% of our Fire Science students obtained their Fire Science I certification and went on to fight wildfires locally and in Arizona; and we enrolled 19 students in Culinary Arts/Hospitality who went on to cater several events for local community organizations.


Our Construction Trades students have completed projects throughout the community and will soon begin our “Building Up CC-V” Initiative that will contribute one energy efficient, affordable home to the community every year, helping families experience the gratification of home ownership. In Cripple Creek-Victor School District, we are committed to building a skilled and prepared workforce, contributing to our community and giving our students learning opportunities that will serve them for the rest of their lives.