2023 Teller County Coordinated Election Update

Below are answers to frequently asked questions concerning is election.
• Are different affiliations getting different ballot styles?
No. This election is a non-partisan election. Ballot styles are not generated by party affiliation but rather the districts you reside in.
• Do all Teller County voters get a mail-in ballot?
Yes. All active voters will receive a ballot in the mail. The last day our office can mail a ballot to a voter is October 30th. After that time, a ballot can be obtained at the Voter Services and Polling Center (VSPC) in Woodland Park or the Clerk and Recorder’s office in Cripple Creek.
• I would rather vote in person. Where can I do that?
We have a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) for this election located inside the Woodland Park Library, 218 E. Midland Avenue on the lower level. This is the only VSPC for this election. The first day of Early Voting is October 30 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Additional dates and times are listed on your voter instructions located inside your mail ballot packet.
• Are there only write-in candidates for the Cripple Creek/Victor RE1 School District?
Yes. You can view the eligible write-in candidates on the Clerk and Recorder’s webpage at www.tellercounty.gov.
• How do you know if a voter turns in the initial ballot that was sent in error? If that same voter also turns in the replacement ballot will both ballots be counted?
Each ballot envelope has a unique tracking number. Tracking numbers for the initial ballot envelopes have been excluded from the tracking software. The computer will not allow the envelope/ballot to be put in a “received” state. This allows us to identify and manually track the initial envelopes/ballots that were returned. This prevents a voter from being able to vote more than once.
• Were the ballots for military and overseas voter affected?
No. Military and overseas citizens ballots were printed in our office and mailed locally.
• When can I expect my replacement ballot?
The USPS regional office has informed us they anticipate ballots reaching Teller County voters no later than Wednesday, October 25th.