Incorrect Ballots Sent Out in Teller County

On Tuesday, October 17 the Teller County Clerk and Recorder became aware of a vendor error that led to approximately 15,000 voters in Teller County being sent an incorrect ballot packet for the 2023 Coordinated Election.

The vendor is in the process of correcting the error. All impacted voters will be sent a correct replacement ballot by Friday, October 20. These ballots will be sent by the vendor at no cost to the county.

The Secretary of State has been made aware of the situation and is assisting.

Information for Voters:

  • If the ballot you received states Ballot Type: PO-UPRHS in the upper right corner, you have received an incorrect style. Please destroy this ballot and ballot envelope. A replacement ballot will be mailed to you by Friday, October 20.
  • The incorrect ballot (Ballot Type: PO-UPRHS) contains only the Ute Pass Regional Health Service District question. The correct replacement ballot will also include Propositions HH and II, and the three Woodland Park RE2 school board director races.
  • If a voter who received the incorrect ballot with only the Ute Pass Regional Health Service District question has already cast their ballot, that ballot will be held by Teller County election officials until 7 pm on Election Day, and will only be counted if the same voter does not timely return the correct replacement ballot.
  • After you receive your replacement ballot, you can return it by mail through October 30, or at a drop box or voting center until 7 p.m. on Election Day, November 7.