Stone Announces Re-Election Bid.

Teller County Commissioner Erik Stone announced his re-election campaign on Tuesday night at the local Teller County Republicans Central Committee meeting in Divide.


Stone said in his announcement that when he initially ran for office,  “Commissioners are going to have to do more to protect the treasured quality of life that we all enjoy here in Teller County.  We have built a commissioner team and an elected official team unlike any other in Teller County history and we are making a huge impact at the legislature and we are getting wins”.


Stone highlighted work to author and work with Senator Mark Baisley to pass Senate Bill 23-108, which he said clarifies the authority of the county to grant significant property tax relief in Teller County in 2024. “Using our authority as county commissioners, we will be returning over $2 million in property tax back to the property owners in the county in 2024”, Stone said.


Stone, the commissioner representing District 3 from Woodland Park, also spoke to his and the commissioners’ strong support for law enforcement and Public Works within the county, citing the recently-approved increase in Sheriff’s Department and Road and Bridge Department compensation plans. Stone said, “The life, health and safety of our residents is paramount and we need to make sure that we are being competitive in attracting,  recruiting and retaining the best talent to Teller County”.


Teller County elected officials stood in support of Stone and fellow commissioner Dan Williams from District 1, who also announced his re-election at the same meeting.  Sheriff Jason Mikesell, District Attorney Michael Allen and Commissioner Bob Campbell all spoke in support and endorsing Williams and Stone with commissioner Campbell stating that this was the finest Board of County Commissioners that he has served with out of the seven boards that he has worked with.