Week Six in the NFL

Look For Broncos’ Massacre; Cowboys Stomping of Chargers

Trevor Phipps

After losing three straight games in a row, the Broncos came back onto the field and did what many fans thought they would never do, they actually won a game. Even though it was an ugly win against the league’s worst team, the Broncs were able to rack up a “W” against the Chicago Bears in Week Four.

However, don’t be doing a victory dance quite yet. The Broncos still look like they are struggling and they have a long road ahead of them to be successful in 2023.

However, I thought I would never say this but this year Russell Wilson has not been the problem. The veteran QB has actually put up stats in the first few weeks of the season that are comparable to Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But, he isn’t getting any relief from his defense. In the past, the Broncos had a good defense that kept teams from putting up super high scores.

This year that is not the case. The Broncos defense under former Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph has looked worse than many high school and college teams.

The team has missed more tackles than should be tolerated. And I personally still haven’t got over the record they broke against Miami allowing more points than ever before in franchise history.

And then the bad news is, the Broncos play the Chiefs this week. In one of their few prime time games this year, the team travels to Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday Night to take on Patrick Mahomes and his killer Kansas City team.

Even though the Broncos appear to be improving, they still won’t be able to keep up with the Chiefs. Mahomes has been dialed in recently and the team hasn’t lost a game since their season opener against Detroit.

Prediction: Chiefs 48, Broncos 28

AFC West Predictions

Unfortunately, this year, I think it will be easy for the Chiefs to dominate the division. With their easy win this week, they will be sitting pretty high in the AFC West ranks.

The Raiders this week have a rather easy challenge themselves on Sunday when they take on the Patriots. The Raiders haven’t really looked good this season and things got worse when Jimmy G was pulled from play due to a concussion.

But the Patriots have also not impressed NFL fans. Let’s face it, the team really hasn’t been a strong reckoning force like they used to be since they let Tom Brady leave.

The Raiders have looked hungry and I think they can come out on top against a weak looking Patriots team. Hopefully for evil Raider fans, Jimmy G will be back and the Raiders can prove themselves this week.

Prediction: Raiders 31, Patriots 27

Now even though their record may not really show it, the Chargers are looking pretty tough this season. They have had a rocky start, but I think they have what it takes to turn things around and eventually become a playoff contender.

But this week things could be different when the Chargers take on the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are currently having a great season and many experts have put them as being a top Super Bowl contender in the NFC.

The Cowboys probably should be undefeated and it was shocking to see them give the Arizona Cardinals their first win in Week Three. But they seemed to have turned things around and I don’t think the Chargers are quite ready to beat such a stellar team.

Prediction: Cowboys 36, Chargers 16

Rick Langenberg, Editor

Prediction:  Chiefs 35, Broncos 31

Agree with Trevor, the Broncs have no chance, but look for another heartbreaker. Although the Broncos have lost to the Chiefs since the beginning of mankind, they have experienced some close losses over the years.  Also, believe the Cowboys will massacre the Chargers. That was is a no-brainer, after all, the Chargers are from the Mild West Division. Other than the Chiefs, that division is a joke.