Patrick Littrell: Teacher, Elk Hunter, and Champion Elk Caller

The following is a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District

Photos Courtesy of Patrick Littrell

Patrick Littrell, a Woodland Park High School teacher, is not your typical educator. Beyond the classroom, Patrick is also a passionate elk hunter and recently won the Men’s Division at the 2023 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s World Elk Calling Championships.

Patrick has been elk hunting for over a decade and learned that mastering elk calling is the key to hunting success. His life took an exciting turn when he met Jermaine Hodge, an experienced elk caller and Army veteran from Pueblo, Colorado. Jermaine became his hunting partner and mentor, teaching Patrick about elk calling, hunting strategies, fitness, diet, gear, and the demanding hunter’s lifestyle. “In being his hunting battle buddy, we have attempted to perfect the lifestyle demands of elk hunting,” said Littrell.

Patrick only recently picked up elk calling within the last five years. He contributes his past as a drummer in band to have played a role in his elk calling journey. His keen ear for music helped him figure out elk sounds as he listened to Jermaine’s calls and the elk in the wild, allowing him to replicate those sounds accurately.

Elk calling competitions were a turning point for Patrick. He practiced tirelessly to shine on stage in front of judges and fellow elk hunters, refining his calls. These competitions boosted his confidence and improved the authenticity of his elk calls, helping him in the woods and on the stage.

Patrick’s commitment to becoming a student of the elk language paid off in the wilderness as he better understood what elk communicated, making him more successful in real-life hunting situations. He said, “I have taken the sounds I have mastered to know and translated that to interpret better what the elk are actually saying. This is important so you know what kinds of calls to make when you hear them talk or try to talk to them.”

Competing in elk calling introduced Patrick to hunting industry experts. Collaborating with them allowed him to learn from their successes and mistakes. Patrick’s journey is marked by countless hours of practice and determination.

Patrick’s dedication also inspired his family. His son, Hunter Littrell, became the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Peewee World Champion in 2021. Patrick’s passion has motivated those around him to chase their dreams and work hard.

Patrick’s story exemplifies pursuing passions and working hard to achieve goals. As a high school teacher, elk hunter, and a Men’s Division Champion elk caller at the 2023 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s World Elk Calling Championships, he demonstrates that success is attainable with dedication. Patrick’s journey reminds us that the best things in life are earned through effort and commitment.