Denver Broncos Square Off Against Miami Dolphins

Broncs Encounter Critical Road Game

It’s onto Week Three in the mighty and unsteady NFL, when anything can happen. Whoever thought that virtually every team in the NFL West would lose their opening games?

Prior to any predictions, first some grief about opening week in Denver Broncos land.

I feel like us as Broncos fans this year are experiencing a little bit of déjà vu. During the offseason before the 2022 season, new owners, a new head coach and the addition of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson was sold to us as this big saving grace for a team that has struggled for several seasons.

 Well, we all know how the 2022 season went as many of us still have the bitter taste of disappointment left in our mouths. And during the offseason before the 2023 season a new coach had sports commentators across the state once again hyping up a team that seems to be allergic to winning since Peyton manning left.

 But during the first match of the season, we all saw more of the same. In fact, the Broncos lost in week one 17 to 16 which was the exact same score of their first game in 2022.

But it seemed to make things even worse that the loss came at the hands of the hated Raiders who really didn’t perform that well on the field. And to put salt in the wounds, the Broncos proved that they still can’t break their three plus year streak of losing to the Las Vegas team.

At this point I have lost all hope no matter what Head Coach Sean Payton tries to promise during press conferences. I stand by my belief that this team will not perform substantially better than they did last year.

And I think this will be evident this week. During week one, the Miami Dolphins proved they meant business after upsetting the Chargers on the road.

I think they will continue to dominate and the Broncos will be the next on their chopping block.

Prediction: Dolphins 34, Broncos 17

AFC West Predictions

The Chiefs had a rough start to the season, but I think things will change rather quickly. And the Bears just do not seem like they have it together recently especially after their first big loss to Green Bay in week one.

Chiefs 38, Bears 14

The Raiders did not look that great to me, but I think they will be better than last season with Jimmy Garoppolo behind center. And the Steelers have not put on good performances or looked impressive at all so far this season.

Raiders 27, Steelers 21

The Chargers had a rocky start to the season, but I expect them to continue to approve. Minnesota could have a good season, but they have just not quite got it together yet.

Chargers 34, Vikings 30

Other Picks

Rick Langenberg, TMJ Editor and Broncos Fantasy Lover

Maybe, it’s wishful thinking, but the Broncs will start to swim out of troubled water and barely win this one, with their defense saving the day. Russell Wilson will regain his footing and avoid a few devastating tackles that eluded him in game one. Plus, some of his prime receivers, which have been out for a bit, should receive renewed action.

Let’s just hope and get the oddsmakers to eat their words.  Maybe this pick will send some good vibes to the Mile High Kingdom.

Broncos  24, Dolphins 21

Sports Illustrated

New Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio still knows plenty of the personnel for his former team, and that gives Miami an edge against a Broncos team still finding its footing. It doesn’t hurt that Bradley Chubb has a breakout performance in his first game against his former team.

In other words, the Sports mega is going for the fish, citing their prospects of adding onto their impressive winning stride of last year.

We never liked Sports Illustrated, anyway.