WPSD Celebrates Achievements and Acknowledges Necessary Improvements

The following is a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) proudly announces academic accomplishments across grade levels in recent CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) testing.
Superintendent Ken Witt expressed the district’s commitment to celebrating achievements and addressing areas of improvement, stating, “We are very proud of our school accomplishments and pledge to focus on the areas of weakness. It is great to be able to tell a parent that their child is less behind this year than last in terms of academic growth. However, our goal will always be to say that every student performs at grade level regarding academic achievement.”
Merit Academy Middle School received special recognition at this month’s Board of Education meeting as the only school to meet or exceed in both math and english language arts (ELA). In ELA, WPSD’s students have demonstrated remarkable progress:
● In 3rd grade, the district’s mean score slightly surpasses the state average, with 43.2%
of WPSD 3rd graders meeting or exceeding grade level expectations.
● Summit Elementary and Merit Academy scored above the state average scale score.
● In 4th grade, Summit Elementary achieved an impressive score increase from 733 in
2022 to 749 in 2023.
● In 5th grade, WPSD (50.8%) outperformed the state (47.8%).
● In 6th grade, the district is focusing on improvement, acknowledging room for growth
after scoring below the state in both scaled scores and the percentage of students who
meet or exceed grade level expectations.
● In 7th grade, WPSD exceeded the state’s mean scores and the percentage of students
who meet or exceed benchmarks. Merit Academy had a significant increase from 733.1
in 2022 to 763 in 2023.
● In 8th grade, WPSD (45.2%) scored higher in 2023 than the state (42.4%) in the
percentage of students that met expectations. Eighth graders also scored higher than
the state mean score; WPSD scored 744, while the state scored 741.
In mathematics, WPSD’s students have shown resilience and progress:
● Third graders have returned to pre-pandemic math scores.
● In 4th grade, students show a gradual increase in scaled scores over time.
● In 5th grade, WPSD scored less than the state on their scaled score and the percentage
of students who met or exceeded grade level expectations.
● Sixth graders have brought their math scaled scores back up to pre-pandemic scores.
● The Woodland Park Middle School (WPMS) 7th graders achieved a 12-point scaled
score increase in math.
● Merit Academy’s 7th graders demonstrated an 8-point math score increase.
● The WPMS 8th graders achieved a six-point increase in math scores.

In science, WPSD’s students have excelled at multiple grade levels:
● In 5th grade, the district’s students demonstrated a noteworthy performance with 32.5%,
falling just below the state (33.9%).
● In 8th grade, WPMS students achieved 41.7%, exceeding the state (31.3%).
● In 11th grade, Woodland Park High School students truly shone, with a remarkable
46.2%, surpassing the state average of 24.6%.
WPSD’s overall performance is impressive:
● WPMS earned the highest SPF point total among all schools.
● The district earned an “Accredited” rating and “Meets” for academic achievement,
academic growth, and postsecondary & workforce readiness.
● WPMS received a “Distinction” rating for academic growth and achievement.
● Summit Elementary achieved a “Meets” rating in academic achievement and growth.● Gateway Elementary and Columbine Elementary earned a Performance rating; both
schools meet Academic Growth and are approaching Academic Achievement.
● Merit achieved high scores on the School Performance Framework (SPF) but was
classified as “Improvement Plan” due to a slight state assessment participation shortfall.
The district is looking to contest this.
● In mathematics, the WPMS exceeded expectations for several subgroups.
● The high school met expectations for achievement and postsecondary & workforce
readiness and is approaching expectations for academic growth.
The Chief Academic Officer for WPSD, Kim Moore, added, “ We have a strong group of educators in our classrooms, and we will ensure they have the tools, training, and support necessary to be successful in helping our students grow and achieve their full potential.”
These achievements underscore the dedication and hard work of the WPSD students and staff. The district remains committed to working diligently to enhance educational outcomes, ensuring every student receives an exceptional education.
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