Former Cripple Creek Detective Sentenced to 58 Days in Jail

Former Police Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Sexual Misconduct Charges

Trevor Phipps

At the end of 2022, a shocking arrest made headlines when a former Cripple Creek Police detective and sergeant was taken into custody on felony charges.

The arrest came after the police department along with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) opened an investigation over claims that a former member of the CC police force, Alexander Kenoyer, had a sexual relationship with a woman who was an alleged victim of human trafficking crimes.

Kenoyer was originally charged with “unlawful sexual conduct by a peace officer – intrusion or penetration – while on duty, unlawful sexual conduct by a peace officer while on duty and attempting to influence a public servant,” which are all felonies.

However last June, the former detective pleaded guilty to one charge of attempting to influence a public official (a felony charge) and public indecency (a petty offense). As a part of his plea agreement, the other felonies brought against Kenoyer were dropped.

Then in August, the former police sergeant was sentenced to 58 days in jail along with two years of probation. Kenoyer also can no longer be employed as a law enforcement officer.

During his sentencing, Kenoyer admitted to the judge about being dishonest to his police chief. “I misrepresented information to Chief Bright (Cripple Creek’s police chief) to not lose my position with the Police Department,” Kenoyer told Teller County Judge Scott Sells.

As a part of his plea agreement, the other felony charges were dropped and Kenoyer agreed to the two years of probation and up to 60 days in jail. At the time, Sells told the former detective that he could choose not to dish out jail time for the charges, but he ended up giving Kenoyer just under the maximum jail time.

After the sentencing, the victim in the case, Kelly Davis, chose to tell her story to local news stations. “It was a consensual relationship, but it was a consensual relationship based on gaslighting and lies and manipulations that he used his police training and skills to ultimately satiate his sexual desires,” the victim told KRDO.

Davis said that she has since moved out of state after getting threats from Kenoyer. She said that she chose to tell her story publicly in hopes that it would motivate other victims to come forward.

Sex Trafficking Investigation Turns Into Unlawful Sexual Relationship

According to arrest paperwork, the incident started when Kenoyer was assigned to investigate a sex trafficking case where Davis was the alleged victim. After interviewing Davis, the two then met at a hotel in Cripple Creek to have sex.

The relationship then continued for the next several months. During the investigation, authorities found sexually explicit text messages between the two intertwined with Davis asking the detective about her sex trafficking case.

The two supposedly had sex while Kenoyer was on duty in his office at the police station and inside his marked patrol car. The relationship continued until Kenoyer refused to leave his wife.

After the split, Davis went to authorities. The Cripple Creek Police Department then placed Kenoyer on administrative leave on Aug. 24, 2022 while the department aided CBI in the investigation.

During the investigation, Kenoyer then coerced Davis to write a letter to the Cripple Creek Police Chief saying that the two never had sexual intercourse.

Kenoyer then resigned from the police department on Oct. 25, 2022. After charges were pressed, Kenoyer turned himself into police on Dec. 19, 2022 where he was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond.

Investigators Hint at Possibility of Other Victims

Davis told Fox 21 News that she was “shocked” in the courtroom when she heard that the former detective had done similar things in the past. During the discovery process, new evidence was brought forward that suggested Kenoyer had sex with a woman while on duty with the Colorado Springs Police Department before his employment in Cripple Creek.

During the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor said that Kenoyer had sex with a woman after she was involved in a traffic incident while he was on duty. “It was him convincing a woman, that he also had sex with, while he was on duty to sign a contract with him,” Davis told Fox 21 News. “This is something that he’s been doing habitually, and then he administratively resigned from his position [at CSPD] and goes and gets hired in another police department and does it all over again.”

Last February, CBI asked the public for additional victims of Kenoyer to come forward to authorities. According to KRDO, during the investigation CBI agents said they discovered several explicit images and videos that were possibly taken from the internet.

The women in the videos may or may not have been filmed by Kenoyer with consent. CBI said that some of the victims may have been aware that they were being filmed by Kenoyer, but they did not know that he was posting them on the internet.

However, to date, no additional files against Kenoyer have been filed.