Woodland Park Cemetery Damage Attributed to Accident; No Criminal Charges Pending

On the afternoon of August 17, the Woodland Park Police Department responded to the local cemetery regarding extensive damage being done to several headstone markers.

Officers discovered two markers damaged by unknown means or subjects. A vehicle was suspected to be involved during this event and we enlisted the public’s help through our media partners and the community as a whole via social media post. The police urged anyone who witnessed suspicious behavior at the cemetery to contact the agency, with the possibility of award money leading to an arrest of the suspect who may have been involved in the possible crime.

On the 21, we received a call into our Dispatch Center made by the responsible party. The caller, a local resident, reported that she was the one responsible for the damages. She called the incident in to her insurance company after the damage was discovered, believing that to be the proper course of action.

We have verified this and have determined the insurance company and city have simply not been able to connect to begin reimbursement on behalf of the subject. This case is being reclassified as a traffic accident case and there are no pending criminal charges being sought against the driver at this time.

We thank the community as a whole for their interest and involvement in seeing this incident be brought to a proper resolution.