WPSD Partners With Mindsight Health to Offer Students Mental Health Support Services

The following is a press release sent out by the Woodland Park School District

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) has partnered with Mindsight Health, a mental health support service, to offer professional care and support for our students and in partnership with their families.

Mindsight Health is a skilled team of highly trained mental health professionals passionate about school-based mental health services. Their mission aligns with the district’s commitment to provide the best possible educational experience for students, recognizing that the mental health of students plays an important role in academic achievement.

Partnering with Mindsight Health allows WPSD to offer students and families mental health support services within its school system. WPSD remains dedicated to ensuring parents are actively involved in seeking and receiving mental health support for their children. Mindsight Health professionals will be available to provide individual therapy to district students and can meet with their families to discuss how best to support their student. With this partnership, the district aims to empower parents and guardians to engage with their child’s mental health needs, working hand in hand with WPSD and Mindsight Health professionals.

Additionally, WPSD has dedicated space within its high school for Mindsight Health professionals to meet with students upon receiving parent or guardian consent. This private space will ensure the confidentiality of information exchanged between Mindsight Health professionals and the students and families. Moreover, this service is accessible to all WPSD students of district run schools that have a qualified need, with Mindsight Health first working with the family’s insurance to ensure coverage.

What sets Mindsight Health apart is its dedication to tailoring its services to meet the unique needs of each student. By carefully pairing students with a therapist whose skill set complements their individual needs, Mindsight ensures that every child receives personalized attention and the most effective support possible. 1  To learn more about Mindsight and its services, please visit their website at www.joinmindsight.com

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