Ute Pass Book Club Celebrating 50th-year Anniversary

Rita Randolph

The Ute Pass Literary Guild (a book club) is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its founding Saturday, August 26 at the Woodland Park Public Library from 1:30 –3:30.

The public is invited.

The club formed in the Ute Pass area with its founding members that lived in Woodland Park, Chipita Park, Green Mountain Falls, and Cascade.  Three members still live in Ute Pass and the remaining four live in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs.

The name “Ute Pass Literary Guild” came later when the book group made donations to various organizations and needed a name, and with tongue in cheek, that name was selected and for lack of any less pretentious name to come to the fore, it stuck!

Through the years, the members have shared more than hundreds of books they have read. They have shared their lives.

The birth of their children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. They celebrated marriages, divorces, remarriages and milestones like college graduations, and accomplishments. They banded together to support one another in times of difficulties and tragedies.

At the celebration, members will share the books that shaped their lives, that gave them joy, and that changed their thinking and opinions. They will also mention the books that ended up in the rubbish bin! The book list is astounding and there will be copies of the list available at the celebration.