Divide Becoming “Center of the Known Comedy Universe”

Russ’ Place Adds More  Entertainment Options

Trevor Phipps

Last Saturday evening, laughter echoed across Divide as Russ’ Place filled the building for its second comedy show, highlighting entertainment that is becoming the talk of the town.

Earlier this month, the bar and entertainment hub welcomed the first comedy show in the history of the small Teller County community, jokingly known as the “Center of the Known Universe.”

According to co-owner Bob Kerr, the move came about to add something more for entertainment in the county. Kerr said that his newest lineup for comedy presentations represents the venue’s way of keeping people from having to head down the Pass for adult entertainment.

At first, Russ’ Place booked two comedy shows on Saturday nights, two weeks apart. Then after selling out both shows and receiving good reviews from customers, the venue has decided to bring more comedy shows to their venue.

The second show took place last Saturday, and tickets were being sold for their next event. Last week, the staff at Russ’ Place announced the time and date for the next of their series of comedy action.

The next show entitled “The Dark Hour” dubs itself as “dark, dirty, and inappropriate comedy.” The  show is scheduled at Russ’ Place on August 5 at 6:30 p.m. As of press time, tickets could still be purchased for the show at the venue.

The next show will be presented by Loonee’s Comedy Corner in Colorado Springs, and it will feature a slew of comedians. John Brown who hosts “The Dark Hour” at Loonee’s and comedian and comic book artist Charley McMullen will serve as the hosts of the show.

The show will also feature three comedians who have roots to the Pike Peak Region. Colorado Springs comedians Luke Stamm, John Rumery, and Austen Brinker will feature sets at the show aimed at providing some definite entertainment.

Comedy Draws Big Crowds to Divide

During the first two shows this month, tables sold out quickly for the first show. And then after the first, the second show was sold out as well.

The first of the comedy series took place on July 8 and it was hosted by local comedian Thad B, who has performed at other venues in Colorado Springs. Former Colorado Springs Mayor Candidate Kallan Reece also took the stage and told stories of his recent unsuccessful run for mayor of the Olympic City.

The show’s headliner was Jonny Bratsveen, who definitely kept the audience laughing.  Bratsveen has performed at Loonee’s and has appeared on Comedy Central and Kevin Hart’s Hart of the City.

The show last week featured a new lineup of comedy stars. During the second comedy show, the performers prided themselves as being “roast masters.” Before the show took place, the comedians asked Russ’ Place staff members for some information about some of the people who would be in the audience.

The comedians then planned to use the information given to them to “roast” or make fun of people in the audience. During the show, many of the local barflies laughed at themselves as the comedian poked fun at them.

The last show was hosted by local comedian Manny Valdez, who has taken place in roast battles in the past. The feature performer was Tracy Kellett who is a resident at Loonee’s and has won six roast battles in Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma.

The new comedy venue then welcomed Mike Hammock as the event’s headliner. Hammock can often be seen at Comedy Works in Denver, and he has also performed all across the state including the Vail Comedy Festival.

The first three comedy shows scheduled are just the first of more to come in the near future. If people are unable to get tickets to the next  August 5 show, they need to stay tuned to the Russ’ Place Facebook page for more information on further comedy performances.