Local Golf Tournaments Sport Impressive Turnouts; Benefit Area Groups

Shining Mountain  Hosts a Big Lineup of  Summer Tourneys

 Trevor Phipps

Over the past month or so, it has become apparent that Teller County has caught a case of “links fever “ with a flurry of  tournament action at Woodland Park’s Shining Mountain Golf Course.

Even though summer weather took its time in arriving in the Teller high country, warmer temperatures and sunny days have worked towards getting people out on the SM golf course and partaking in a number of tourneys that benefit local nonprofits.

In mid-June, the Teller County Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association broke a record for the biggest turnout and most money raised during their annual golf tourney.

Two weekends ago, the course held a tournament called “Balls and Chains,” which featured an 18-hole ball golf tourney and then another 18 holes on the disc golf course.

And then last week, the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament had impressive numbers with more than 100 players participating.

For the Chamber tourney, tee-off time didn’t start until 8 a.m., but golf enthusiasts showed up at the Shining Mountain Golf Course as early as 7 a.m. to supposedly warm up. But their early arrival was really sparked by reports of great food. Buffalo Gals Catering served up giant speed bump-sized breakfast burritos to get the golfers started with a full stomach.

 After breakfast, signing-in and a brief orientation more than a dozen teams excitedly hit the course swinging. At first, the enthusiasm of the golfers showed as many teams were speeding through the holes. But the real meat of the course, the grueling back nine, took its toll and slowed action down quite a bit, with tourney participants discovering a hefty number of hazards and high rough, conjuring up images of the British Open.

Most of the teams had four players with the exception of the TMJ team, which only had two (Rick Langenberg and Trevor Phipps). Perhaps it was designed that way so other golfers’ scores did not get dropped by the mediocre at best golf game of the TMJ staffers, who were affectionately given the name “The Wringers.”

The day was perfect for golf from the beginning. During the tourney, there was not a cloud in the sky and temperatures stayed pleasantly just under 80 degrees.

Towards the end of play, though it became obvious that the golfers were having a good time out on the course socializing with the friendly representatives of sponsor groups that have made the tournament quite popular for several decades.

This year, in fact, marked the 37th year that the local chamber of commerce has hosted their annual tournament. The tournament is part of the chamber’s overall mission, aimed at supporting local businesses. According to Miller, the turnout of  approximately 100 people was not a record breaker, but it came close to the 110 or so that have played in the past.

During the tourney, every hole was sponsored by a local business. Some of the holes sported tents set up by companies that offered other games to win certain prizes.

Many of the tents handed out donuts and refreshments to the hungry and thirsty golfers. Others gave out gifts like golf balls, sunscreen and gift certificates to local businesses.

Some of the tents had games, such as corn hole set up so golfers could take their chance at hitting a different hole to win various prizes. Prizes could also be won at other holes by playing guess the card games and spinning a prize wheel.

  The infamous “Wringers” team, (a classy name for The Mountain Jackpot duo), actually put up a score of 68. This was well back of the winning mark, but still considered to hover in the semi-respectful range (well maybe).

In fact, the score would have been much worse if it wasn’t for the swings coming from just one of the players. (The duo proved to basically be carried single-handedly by a sole member of the “Wringers” but no names need to be mentioned. On the upside, no houses were shattered this time.)

The American Family Insurance team ended up with the top prize with a score of 61. TDS came in second with a 64.

Future Lineup of Tournaments

Luckily, for those that haven’t yet had a chance to get out on the golf course, Shining Mountain still sports a number of upcoming tournaments. The Women’s Public Links Golf Association (WPLGA) features a tournament on Aug. 10.

The Food Pantry Tournament then takes place on Aug. 22. On Aug. 25 at 8 a.m., Shining Mountain will host the special First Responder Challenge nine-hole golf tourney.

The Frizzen Disc Golf Tournament starts on Aug. 25. The Woodland Park-based Fly Green Disc Golf Club then holds a tournament on Sept. 15.

In addition, the course features league play with a Men Senior’s group, a more serious Men’s Club and a Women’s Club.

Shining Mountain also has several more upcoming events for disc golf enthusiasts.

For more information about these events and other action at the Shining Mountain Golf Course, call 719-687-7587.