2023 Colorado Football Season Preview

Optimism Running High For Broncos, Buffs and Panthers

Trevor Phipps

I know, I know many of you are going to fill the comments section of this article and tell me that it is too soon to start talking football.

It is fair to say that summer has just technically started, and that I may be jumping the gun to ask readers to put their minds on fall pigskin action.

But for true football fans like myself, it is never too early to start dreaming about the fall season. Being my favorite time of the year, I have already started thinking about sitting in the stands and watching my favorite team battle their opponent on the football field.

Therefore, I have decided to break down what the upcoming season could look like for some local teams from high schools to college to the pros. So ,close your eyes, relax with me and imagine that football season is already here and you are trying to decide which teams to spend your time watching.

Denver Broncos Could Finally Net a Winning Record


Bronco fans everywhere can agree that last year the team was tough to watch.

Before the 2022 season started, media outlets were hyping up the team after acquiring veteran quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

But the team’s new coach and quarterback were anything but impressive to watch. The offense just couldn’t keep it together and once former coach Nathaniel Hackett lost control of his team on the sidelines, he was axed.

During the offseason, the Broncos have hired star veteran coach Sean Payton and fans once again are excited to see what the season will hold. Some think that the Broncos could see a new light with a highly motivated coach, and that they could have a winning, playoff season.

Others however, feel that it could take even a football mastermind like Payton more than a season to dig them out of their rut. Others question Wilson’s ability to put together a strong passing game to help the team succeed.

Regardless, Bronco Fans will be watching the games closely at least at the beginning of the season. If like last year, the Broncos don’t show good momentum from the start, local sports bars could become empty after the Broncos lose several games.  Or, the focus will shit to other NFL teams, as what occurred last year at our local hangouts.

The Broncos play their first pre-season game on August 11 and then they take on the Las Vegas Raiders at home on Sept. 10 to start the regular season.

Colorado Buffaloes Snag Prime Time Attention

Probably the most anticipated season this year is that of the Colorado Buffaloes, sporting NFL legend Deion “Prime Time” Sanders as their new head coach. After suffering from a horrible season last year, the Buffs made a drastic change to bring Sanders on as the coach.

The move has already generated much talk and the university sold out its first spring game in recent history. The team has also gained more national television spots to start out the season.

As soon as Sanders took the reins in Boulder, he started by completely revamping the team. A record number of former players hit the transfer portal and Sanders transferred a handful of players from his former team at Jackson State.

But many football experts have been skeptical about how soon the coach, who has proven to be successful, can make a difference with the team. Recent news reports have also discussed health problems the new coach has experienced, including the possibility of him having to get one foot amputated.

Basically, only time will tell what Sanders can do with this drastically transformed Buffs’ team. The Buffs play their first match of the season on Sept. 2 against the TCU Horned Frogs.

Woodland Park Panthers Looking For Another Playoff Run


The other day, I got excited when I saw a social media post saying that high school football commences in about a month and a half. Last year, the Woodland Park Panthers impressed fans by earning their first winning record in recent history, and playing in their first playoff game in more than two decades.

And now the good news: Even though the Panthers did lose some star players, many on last year’s rather young team will be returning this fall. The team’s star quarterback and defensive lineman, Bryce Broeker, will be back taking charge of the Panther offense.

Last year there were also a number of freshman and sophomores that impressed their coach when they got play time. These underclassmen will become integral to the the team’s success this year, and for the next few years.

This fall, head coach Chad Drummond will start his third season as the team skipper. With his role  in manning the team’s reins, participation has been up in the school’s pigskin program. Hopefully, Drummond should have a large, full roster to start 2023, which could be the key to the team’s success.

This year will be Broeker’s last season with the Panthers, and it is fair to say that he will be impressive to watch. Fans can only hope that the Panthers can use Broeker’s leadership, enthusiasm and energy to return to the post season for the second year in a row.

The Panthers play their first match on Sept. 1 on the road against the Salida Spartans.