Woodland Park School District Staffing Up For Fall

The following is a press release sent out by the Woodland Park School District

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) wants to ensure its parents, students, and community are aware that WPSD schools are largely staffed for the upcoming fall, with one notable exception being Gateway Elementary, where a few more classroom teachers are needed.
“Of our six great schools, only two had significant staff turnover, and only one elementary school has more than one or two open classroom teaching positions,” said Superintendent Ken Wittt.
Woodland Park High School had three teacher retirements this year, the same as the previous two years. However, there were six more teacher resignations than the recent norm. “While we hate to see teachers leave, we recognize the importance of alignment with the district’s direction and respect everyone’s desire to find a good employment fit,” stated Witt.
Three of the four elementary schools experienced typical classroom teacher retention. The remaining staffing challenge is Gateway Elementary, where substantial turnover was seen after the principal’s resignation as they finished the school year. WPSD is making headway in fully staffing Gateway Elementary and will ensure a positive environment for all students, teachers, and staff.
“We are so pleased to have Principal Jennifer Courtier on board and are delighted about the energy and enthusiasm she is already bringing to Gateway Elementary in preparing for the fall,” added Chief Academic Officer Kim Moore.
As all Colorado and national public schools are experiencing shortages in special education, WPSD continues to work to fill these positions. WPSD is committed to ensuring all students’ needs are well served.
Woodland Park School District is becoming a destination school district, keenly focusing schools on the academic success of Woodland Park students.
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