WPSD Recognizes Employee Value with Salary Increase and Enhanced Benefits Package

The Following Is a Press Release Submitted by the Woodland Park School District

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) is proud to announce a shift in its employee compensation and benefits approach. In a remarkable display of commitment to its dedicated staff, the district implemented the most substantial salary increase in its history. WPSD also introduced a comprehensive employee benefits package, signaling a renewed era of appreciation and recognition.

WPSD struggled to provide competitive salary increments and update employee benefits for several years. However, under the stewardship of our newest Board of Directors and dynamic leadership team, the district has undertaken a transformative journey to change this narrative. Through proactive decision-making and a deep understanding of the importance of supporting our valued employees, WPSD has made an incredible turnaround.

To begin this journey of appreciation, the Board of Directors prioritized our educators and staff. Over the past year and a half, several initiatives have been implemented to showcase gratitude, including significant pay increases and generous bonuses for all employees. WPSD recently announced it is providing employees with a substantial salary increase, ensuring their hard work and dedication are acknowledged. This most recent announcement falls on the heels of last year’s most significant salary increase in its history. These consecutive pay raises signify an unprecedented action taken by WPSD, made possible by the current Board of Directors.

To ensure holistic support, WPSD has gone a step further by enhancing the benefits package for its employees. A notable addition to this comprehensive package is paid professional liability insurance through the Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE). For those who wish to participate in PACE membership, this valuable partnership equips our educators with essential resources and a strong support network, fostering their professional growth and enhancing their ability to provide the best education to our students. Furthermore, WPSD has joined hands with Rocket Lawyer to offer legal services to all employees, enabling them to access reliable legal advice conveniently and at no cost. Additionally, WPSD has more than tripled life insurance coverage for all employees.

“At Woodland Park School District, we firmly believe in the immense value our teachers and support staff bring to our educational community,” said Ken Witt, Superintendent. “Our commitment to their well-being and professional growth is reflected in the implementation of 1  these exceptional salary increases and enhanced benefits. By continually striving to provide competitive compensation and unique offerings, we aim to create an environment where every employee feels valued and supported.”

WPSD remains steadfast in its dedication to its employees, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition. The district is leading the way in ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being through sustained efforts, such as improved salary structures, substantial bonuses, comprehensive benefits package, and valuable partnerships.

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