Colorado Ski Season Heading Into Final, Final Stretch.

Rick Langenberg

The Colorado ski season is heading into its final stretch, as we move into the last  days for most popular resorts. The Masters golf tournament in Georgia and Easter have almost has come to symbolize the near end of downhill ski time in   the High Country–at least for most normal folks.

But fret not, there are a handful of areas that will remain open for an extended period, such as A-Basin, Loveland, Breckenridge and Copper Mountain for those who don’t want to retire their downhill legs for a few months.  And yes, spring skiing is an ideal time, with warmer temperatures, still great snow (at least on sunny days) and more happy people and no crowds.  Spring skiing is my favorite time to hit the mountains, as it is often too muddy for golf.  Guess I have turned into a fair-weather outdoor buff.

Conditions are still relatively good, with Vail getting the gold medal in the last week or so for total snow bombardments. As for closures, Crested Butte and Telluride have ended the 2023 snow season; which is too bad, as they featured stellar seasons with eye-bursting snow totals every week.

Make sure you visit Monarch this week, as their closing date is set for April 16, along with Keystone and Ski Cooper.   Vail, meanwhile, will be shutting down later this month.

Insiders are calling the ski conditions in the Colorado high country as the best ever in five years. This is the product of another El Nino year that has pounded our high mountain areas, while leaving us rather unscathed this year.  So don’t delay your trip any longer. This is the product of another El Nino year that has pounded our high mountain areas, while leaving us rather unscathed this year.

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Enjoy our remaining  Power Days.

Colorado Ski Report

The following is the most updated ski information as of last weekend, regarding some of our favorite mountains, based on the Colorado Ski Country and Colorado Ski Central websites, along with our own analysis.  Enjoy.


Monarch:  Snow Base-70 Inches, Runs Open 66 Percentage of Terrain Open 99

Comments: The locals favorite place for snow; shorter runs than most places, but very convenient. 3 inches of snow in last five days.


Arapahoe Basin:  Snow Base-66 Inches, Runs Open 145, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Never a bad day at the Basin; parking sometimes a problem. Pick a day, though, with sun, as sometimes gets really cold. A great place for spring skiing.  10 inches of snow in last seven days.


Loveland: Snow Base-64-65 Inches, Runs Open 94, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Another great local gem, pounded with considerable snow and like A-Basin, stays open well longer than other mountains. Springtime sometimes the best for a Love Bash. 4 inches of snow in past four days.


Breckenridge:  Snow Base-62 Inches, Runs Open 187, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Call in sick during week; try to avoid Breck on the weekend, but can’t beat the close distance from Teller County and their local happenings.  One inch of snow in last 72 hours.


Keystone: Snow Base-53 Inches, Runs Open 119 Percentage of Terrain Open 92

Comments:  Ideal mountain for families and kids.  Underestimated for the great amount of tree runs. 2  inches of snow in the last four days.


Copper Mountain: Snow Base-66 Inches, Runs Open 155, Percentage of Terrain Open 115

Comments:  Probably the best laid-out mountain; great back bowls, although access is sometimes tricky. 4 inches of snow in last four days.


Ski Cooper: Snow Base-49 to 59 Inches, Runs Open 64,  Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments: Secret gem for telemark skiing; and for advanced intermediates, check out the Snowcat tours. Can’t beat the small, family atmosphere, almost brings back memories of skiing before the big resorts. One inch of snow in past five days.


Vail:  Snow Base-64 Inches, Runs Open 275, Percentage of Terrian Open 100

Comments: Colorado’s biggest and most well-known mountain resort. Great,  but try during the week due to the crowds.  8 inches of snow in past five days.


Aspen (Aspen, Snowmass and Aspen Highlands):  Snow Base-61 to 94 Inches, Runs Open 76 to 98, Percentage of Terrain Open 100,

Comments:   Most diverse slopes, ranging from Blue gems at Snowmass to Aspen’s killer hills. About 5 inches of snow in last seven days.  No report from Aspen Highlands.


*Telluride and Crested Butte resorts have closed for the season.


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