Former CC Council Members Praised For Their Services

Dear Editor:

A sincere “thank you” goes to former Cripple Creek City Councilmen (Charles) Solomone and (Mark) Green for their service to Southern Teller County.

They both made community and personal contributions in time and treasure for the betterment of the area while dealing with the challenges of funding and operating the Cripple Creek government.

While on the council, they supported the transformation of a vacant casino into the Aspen Mine Center West facility that serves the community’s less fortunate, pushed for the housing starts that are sprouting up around the city, supported the development of the Career Technical Education building that is almost finished, and helped with events in the Gold Camp district.

They both were (and still are) involved in multiple civic organizations and projects.  Charles founded Teller County Marksmanship and Self Defense Group, also known as “Teller Rifles.”

The Rifles have nearly 500 members who provide youth and adult gun safety and marksmanship training.  They also sponsor community training for CPR, first aid, stop the bleeding, survival techniques, concealed carry, and other emergency situations.

Mark photographs and provides images for all the significant happenings, makes advertising banners for events, feeds and cares for the donkey herd, and instructs high school students in the art of photography.  In addition to their hundreds of hours of council-related service, each has personally contributed hundreds more of their personal funds to making the community a better place.

Please personally thank them for their selfless service.

Rich Ingold

Community Volunteer