New Ride for Florissant Fire-Rescue

~By Trevor Phipps~
On March 4, the Florissant Fire-Rescue District hosted a special ceremony to dedicate their newest light rescue truck as an addition to their fleet. Fire Chief Erik Holt held a special ceremony to introduce the new rig to the residents of the Florissant Fire-Rescue District and have the community give their blessings to the vehicle to ensure the safety of the first responders.
Holt followed standard fire department procedures to induct a new fire truck that date back to the late 1800s. The official ceremony entails the new fire truck getting baptized by water from the old, retired vehicle and then the firefighters pushing the new truck into the department’s garage before shutting the door and officially putting the new rescue ride into commission.
Holt invited the Florissant community to the event and welcomed citizens to help baptize the new truck with water taken from their fire engine number 50. Children and other residents took water and painted water on the vehicle with a large brush. Members of the community then helped push the light rescue rig into the garage to signify its status as officially being in commission to help serve those in the community who are in need.