Woodland Park Volleyball Team Celebration Packs Local Library

Last Thursday, the library at the Woodland Park High School was packed with students to celebrate two volleyball players signing on to play the sport at the college level. Students crammed into the hosted volleyball celebratory area to congratulate their classmates and enjoy some free cake.

Star volleyball player senior Sydney Roshek signed to play at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. And senior Kyra Kidd signed onto the volleyball program at Western Colorado University in Gunnison.

Athletic Director Chad Cosner started the ceremony by congratulating the two Lady Panthers on their achievements. After all, only a small percentage of those who play sports in high school continue to play at the college level.  But these ceremonies are becoming more common in Woodland Park with the improving quality of their sports’ teams.

“I am super proud of you two to represent Woodland Park High School at the college level,” Cosner told the volleyball stars. “I think we often see the tip of the iceberg on successes from our athletes. We don’t realize the work ethic, the sacrifice, and the discipline that it takes to get to that level.”

The team’s head coach, Stacy Roshek, then took the floor and highlighted the achievements the two veteran Woodland Park netters  have made. “They both came here having sets of high achievements,” Roshek said. “They are two-time league champions, they are both all-state players, and they have both broken some records here in Woodland Park in volleyball.”

Kidd played on the team for three years, and at the end of her career, she was fifth place in Woodland Park for hitting percentage. Roshek has played with her mother since fifth grade and sports four years at the varsity level. Roshek ended her high school career breaking seven school records.

The team was crowned regional champions this year, and made it to the state championship tournament before losing in the first round. The success of the veteran volleyball team, though, comes with one downside: The team will lose six seniors on their starting roster to graduation this year.