Commission Vice-Chairman Supports Campbell for Re-election

Dear Editor:

My fellow citizens of Teller County, I have known Bob Campbell for many years and always knew him to be a reserved and thoughtful public servant.

It wasn’t until you all gave me the opportunity to serve with him as your county commissioner that I learned so much more about the man and his dedication to the people of Teller County. His level of research and preparedness for every board that he serves on ( and there are many) is unmatched by any public servant I have ever met. It has been said that he is a fiscal hawk, but I would say that doesn’t go far enough to describe how closely he examines every expenditure of the county, every report on every meeting and board that he serves on.

He plays a very valuable role on your team of County Commissioners. You get to pick who is on our team, and Bob Campbell has come through for you in spades. Calm leadership, sage advice, and tremendous ethics, just three reasons among many.

He never toots his own horn so it’s my honor to give him a blast from mine and ask you to vote for Bob Campbell in his re-election bid for Teller County Commissioner.

Erik Stone

Teller County Commissioner, District 3

Commission Vice-chairman