A Colossal Waste of Cripple Creek Finances

(Editor’s Note: The following letter is in response to articles, past letters and advertisements supporting a recall of two current Cripple Creek council  members, Mark Green and Charles Solomone. No date has been set for a forthcoming recall election).


Dear Editor:

What?  A recall based on the approval of sales of coffee cups and magnets?


Who started a recall that will incur and waste huge sums of city finances simply to prove a senseless point on gift shop items?


Answer: Business owners and museum managers who disagreed with the vote and now want to overthrow the council. How January 6th of all of you.


The city will no invest unbudgeted funds to support your effort to recall council members over a vote on magnets and coffee cups.


Seriously?  This is what our money should support? A recall?  The Zoellner family in partnership with the Freeman Family and museum managers are proposing a procedure that will waste huge sums of money that should be used on city infrastructure improvements, supporting events once again, and for what, a disagreement on a gift shop?  Isn’t the District Museum and the Homestead House partly funded by the city as well?


Wouldn’t those funds contribute to the total operations of the facility including their gift shops? Aren’t the Zoellners’ board members of the Homestead House?  Talk about a double standard. There seems to be an issue of thinking that residents and business owners outside of the “angry mob” are not informed or educated on issues.


What a colossal waste of our city finances. Shame on all of you!


I implore the citizens of Cripple Creek not to add fuel to this ridiculous fire. The city has to spend its allocated budget dollars on issues that are important to the entire community and our impending growth, not an argument over refrigerator magnets.


My family owns multiple properties in Teller County.  I have no interest in patronizing these businesses who seem to be on a one-way war path with “no open to listen” on contrary options.

So, this stance is helping local businesses?


I appreciate that the city allows live meeting feeds to be able to attend online. It allows us to be involved in the decisions and processes that affect our investments. It is clear as well that council person (Melissa) Trenary votes to stay safe and off the hot seat, not with a dedication to doing the right thing (This is reference to her vote to not support a plan to allow  a new  gift shop to open at the Heritage Center).


FACT! The whole situation smells of integrity issues, bad blood and sour grapes.

The Signet Family LLC

TFP Properties (Teller, Fremont and Park Counties)