WPSD Superintendent Dr. Mathew Neal Steps Into a Transitional Role

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) announced today that, effective August 1, 2022, Dr. Neal will step into a transitional role as WPSD searches for a new superintendent.

At a Special Board Meeting on June 27, 2022, the WPSD Board of Education declared that Dr. Neal’s current contract will be replaced with a transitional superintendent agreement.

Board President David Rusterholtz said, “The expertise Dr. Neal brings to this job is amazing, as is his ability to always put staff and students first in every situation.”

The Board acknowledged the immense contributions of Dr. Neal in the following statement
presented by Board President David Rusterholtz, “Dr. Neal assumed the role of
Superintendent at a unique moment in history. All parties agree that Dr. Neal was well suited for the task of engineering and administering the efforts necessary to respond to multiple challenges related to Covid, new forms of parental engagement in public education, the election and onboarding of a new Board of Education, the adoption and integration of the District’s first charter school, and multiple new projects and initiatives. The Board hereby recognizes Dr. Neal’s extraordinary work in these matters. Dr. Neal exhibited professionalism, energy, and grace in responding to the various complex matters which were presented in the course of the 21/22 fiscal year.”

Board Secretary Chris Austin expressed his gratitude by saying, “I have learned quite a bit
from Dr. Neal as a professional and how to navigate complex situations. I will miss him, and I wish him the very best.”
Board Director Suzanne Patterson acknowledged Dr. Neal when she said, “thank you for
stepping in without hesitation and helping this Board charter Merit Academy, and for
granting WPSD staff the largest increase in pay in the history of the District.”

Board Director David Illingworth II also recognized Dr. Neal’s work in his statement, “I felt we would not be able to keep Dr. Neal forever, and I appreciate the incredible work Dr. Neal
achieved in just a short year. He leaves a legacy he will always look back on, and though he
will no longer be at the helm, his work was meaningful and made a difference.”

“I am incredibly grateful to the community of Woodland Park for their support and the grace extended to me this past year as we grew through great opportunities together. With this support, we were able to accomplish so much in the success and advancement of our staff, students, and community,” said Dr. Neal.

Dr. Neal plans to stay in the transitional superintendent role through the start of 2023 to help facilitate a smooth transition as the Board of Education searches for a new WPSD
superintendent. Dr. Neal stated, “I am here to help and support the Board and leadership
team through this process; thank you for this opportunity to serve the staff, students, and
community of WPSD.”

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