The Fight to Stay Young! Forest Edge Dental Care Launches Med Spa to Help Curb Aging

Dr. Andrea Montano of Forest Edge Dental Care

Rick Langenberg 

The desire to look and feel young, and to turn back the aging clock as much as possible, has increased dramatically across the nation.  


This is especially true  in Teller County, where a large bulk of the population consists of senior citizens.  In fact, according to a recent report released last week by the state’s Demography Office, Teller County is “Baby Boomer Country,” with this growing troop of seniors (those born between 1946 and 1964) and their related health issues, commanding more attention. Despite exhibiting more gray hair and wrinkled face lines, boomers love to resurrect their youth, or least feel that way. 


One local business catering to this trend is Forest Edge Dental Care in Woodland Park, which recently started a new Med Spa program. This is the starting phase of a new expansion that may eventually culminate with the addition of a new building,  near their current  location at Forest Edge Road.  


The new services feature state-of-the art techniques and products, aimed at reversing the signs of aging through the use of a special (platelet-rich plasma) PRP facial rejuvenation process to rejuvenate aging skin  and PDO lifting threads, a non-surgical face lift . The procedures  usually take less than an hour and are done in an exam room and can be performed for all patients.


Plus, it is much more affordable than more complex face-lift surgeries, as no hospital or administrative costs are incurred, or the need to purchase expensive materials.


More  notably, the end result is that patients can deal with such growing aging signs as wrinkles, dark circles, brow creases, droopy eyebrows, hollow temples, jawline woes, neck line problems and much more . 


In addition, these new procedures can help patients combat common pain ailments that impact their teeth and assist with other injuries.


“We are adding new services,” said Greg Rodriguez, administrator for Forest Edge Dental Care.


“We are going to serve the folks up here a lot more. This will allow us to become a one-stop shop.”


With the addition of their PRP facial rejuvenation and PDO thread efforts and other advanced dentistry techniques, the Forest Edge team hopes to save residents a trip down the Pass for more complex procedures. That is often the case for many dental offices in the Teller County area.


The new procedures, though, open up a new avenue for Forest Edge Dental Care, involving facial and skin rejuvenation. 


“It can take years off your aging life,” said Dr. Andrea Montano of Forest Edge Dental Care, who is a big proponent of the PRP procedures and PDO “reverse gravity” products. PRP is often used to help athletes combat injuries. They even assist in more practical needs, such as tooth ailments. She studied with Dr. Arun Gaug, a well-known national dental educator and surgeon, based in Florida, who pioneered  many of the improvements with implants.


“It allows us to do so much more,” said Dr. Montano, who has been with the Forest Edge Dental Care offices in Woodland Park and Cripple Creek since 2019. 


How the Procedure Works

PRP is a natural product created from your own body. A small amount of blood is drawn and placed in a sterile tube, spun in a way to separate  the different components of the blood. The final plasma derived from this process is called platelet rich plasma or PRP.


With PRP therapy, platelets (cells that help tissue to heal and grow new cells) are harvested from the patient’s own blood, ensuring no risk of disease transmission, allergic reaction or rejection.


Experts say this means that PRP therapy can be performed on everyone. The process is also much more natural as products from a patient’s own blood are used. In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone. When injected into the skin, the PRP final product features regenerated tissue.


Dr. Montano sees many possibilities with these new procedures. She cites the fact that PRP products have been used to help  injured athletes and allows them to resume play as soon as possible. 


Rodriguez has stressed that the new Med Spa additions will not replace their current dental services in any way. “We are just offering more services and giving our patients more options,” said the Forest Edge Dental Care administrator. Forest Edge currently offers a slew of dental services, running the gamut from preventive, periodontal and endodontic dentistry to oral surgery and dental implants. They also do teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings, sealants and restorative work.


Forest Edge Dental Care was recently voted as one of the best dental offices in the area, according to a Best Of contest, sponsored by TMJ News


Like many dental practices in the area, they were impacted by the pandemic and opted to pursue new areas of health and facial and skin enhancement services.


“The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone in the dental field. It also gave us the opportunity to examine other options,” concluded Rodriguez.


For more information about the Med Spa services offered by Forest Edge Dental Care or any of their dental programs, call 719-687-6366.