Mayoral Candidate Zuluaga Places Community as Top Priority

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it refreshing … all that you see when you stop and listen …

Admittedly, I didn’t vote for Mr. (Robert) Zuluaga when he ran for City Council. My judgement of him was based on the information on his LinkedIn page… Fortunately, I stopped the judgement, and I watched his actions during the City Council meetings – and I heard his words… He speaks with integrity and honesty. He speaks with curiosity and intelligence. He speaks with respect and calmness.

It’s evident during the Council meetings that Councilmember Zuluaga places this community as his priority when he makes decisions. He asks questions that answer his own curiosity but that also guide the citizens to truth and knowledge. His votes are not directed by what others on the Council expect – instead, his votes are based on what is best to preserve the history of our community, to move our community into the future, to maintain the integrity of our local government, and to make certain that our elected officials do what’s best for the citizens of Woodland Park.

I’m voting for Councilmember Zuluaga for Mayor! I’m confident that he’s the best person to lead us into the future with grace and integrity and patriotism! We love you, America…and we love you Woodland Park!🇺🇸

Linda Martin, Ret. (Civ.) El Paso County Sheriff’s Office