New School Board President Outlines New Year Plans For RE-2 District

Dear Editor:

This week marks the beginning of a new year for the Woodland Park School District for students, teachers, and staff. Also, 2022 will be the initial year of your School Board, in which I am honored to be board president.

During the new year, students and their families, District staff, and the Woodland Park community can count on Re-2 Schools to support them in providing both the tools and resources for an excellent education.

On behalf of the WPSD Board of Directors, I commend and thank all school employees for their hard work and commitment during the pandemic and government closures. Woodland Park School District has an incredible team.

In the next few weeks, the Board of Directors will be on a listening tour. The responsibility of an elected school board is to represent the people who elected them, set school policies according to the virtues and values of our parents and community, and assure its implementation.

We will continue to learn, observe, and in some limited situations, make decisions we believe will move the quality of education for students forward before this tour is over.  For example, the Board of Directors has already increased the room for parent attendance and media at public meetings. We have also returned streaming on the web for those who cannot attend the meetings.

We have begun an evaluation of our current curriculum and our sensitive/controversial subject policy. We have asked our Superintendent, Dr. Neal, to lead the way for an opportunity to give parents choice in education within our public schools. All of this is to fulfill the request of many parents.

Not only do students need a high-quality education, but we aspire them to learn self-respect, family commitment, love of country, and civic duty.

I want to emphasize that we on the board are fortunate to serve a community that values public education and understands that flexibility is necessary to meet students’ needs. A school is not just brick and mortar; it is a caring family, knowledgeable teachers and staff making a difference for students every day.

The future of our great community lies in the hands, hearts, and heads of our Woodland Park students. I believe our district is home to the best and brightest, as they will finish the school year strong.

Thank you for your overwhelming support of Woodland Park School District.”


David Rusterholtz, President, Woodland Park School Board