Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School District Letter to the Editor

To Voters of the Cripple Creek-Victor (CC-V) RE-1 School District,

As a Voter in Victor and a graduate of CC-V Schools, I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Mary Bielz in running once more for the School Board Director position.


It is CC-V’s opportunity of a lifetime for Mary to finish what she and others have started with the RISE grant award. This award has a strategic plan to implement the Career Technical Education (CTE) and CC-V’s Adult Education & Career Center. Together, these will provide students of all ages in our community with academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and become lifelong learners. To me, this is putting our school back into the center of our community!


Mary’s efforts in creating opportunities for students, families and education have been ten-fold+ throughout her years in teaching and administration at CC-V Schools and Community of Caring. Whether in the trenches of the art room with hands-on activities, writing grants for innovative school programs, or meeting needs of students and families, Mary uses her extensive expertise and resourcefulness for the benefit of learning, growing and striving for the best. Challenges become the substance of filling gaps in education and services built on the values of Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Family and Trust. Many of her students have become successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and positive contributors in their areas of know-how.


“Education is our theory of change,” says Mary C. Bielz. I agree! Please consider your vote for Mary in the upcoming election.

Veldean Myers