Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Cancels 2021 Oktoberfest Event

With just under seven weeks until their largest event, The Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce’s Board voted to cancel the 2021 Oktoberfest event last week.

Chamber President Debbie Miller presented the Board with statistical data entailing a 15 year recap of the event, along with the fixed hard costs of proceeding forward with the 2021 event.  Businesses throughout the region are experiencing the difficulties in hiring employees and this also translates into securing volunteer assistance to ensure the event would run smoothly. Unintended consequences of the vast unknown with respect to the pandemic left the Chamber organization to weigh all scenarios which may impact a festival the size of Oktoberfest.

“Oktoberfest has always been one of the methods of funding for the Chamber,” noted President Miller.  “As such, the Board weighed every scenario needed to ensure a financially successful event.  The Chamber Boards consensus in cancelling the event was determined through numerical data.  The utilization of the data was critical for the Board, our Event Sponsors and other professionals who we counseled with before making this decision.”

The mission of the Chamber is to advocate on behalf of the business community in the region.  Over the past 16 months the Chamber has focused on assisting businesses through a myriad of mazes to enable them to find grants, loans or other assistance which would enable them to sustain their operations through this pandemic.

“There have been hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and others who have ensured the success of this event.” Chairman Steve Woolf said, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of them and look forward to the future when we can move forward with another event.”

President Miller also unveiled a new event concept for 2022.  “We have faith in designing a new venue with a focus of inclusivity for community and regional organizations will build upon a solid foundation established many years ago with Oktoberfest.” noted Miller.