Green Mountain Falls To Reopen Town Hall To Public

Editor’s Note:  The following announcement was submitted by Angie Sprang,  town manager of Green Mountain  Falls. It deals with the re-opening of the GMF Town Hall to the public on a limited basis. The GMF Town Hall has been closed to the public since the coronavirus epidemic, and all public meetings have been conducted virtually.   


The GMF Town Hall is opening for foot traffic business officially on Monday, May 31. 


Regular hours of operation at town hall are Monday through Wednesday 8:30am to 5pmMasks will be required in Town Hall. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you. There will be hand sanitizer available for patrons to help stop the spread.


Due to budgetary constraints on staffing, Thursday and Friday the office will remain closed, but full workdays for staff.


We have learned a lot during the pandemic about our capacity to utilize technology to get work done quicker and more efficiently for members of the public. Most town business can be conducted quicker online or via email and phone. Though we are opening the Town Hall front office for foot traffic business, please remember there is still a global pandemic and we do have members of our staff that are high risk for developing severe COVID if infected. There is also a greater retirement age population in GMF that remains high risk for developing sever COVID if infected. Though we are open to the public, we do wish to keep everyone as healthy as possible, and we certainly don’t want to spread the virus in GMF.


Members of the public are encouraged to continue utilizing our online resources, email, and telephone communications to conduct business whenever possible. Town staff does miss face-to-face interaction, as I am sure everyone has this during the isolation of the pandemic. Though the world is reopening, we need to remember that the threat of COVID remains. Town staff does want to interact and connect with members of the Community in ways that will not spread the virus.


Above all else, please be sure to take care of yourself, your family, and household during these unprecedented times. Health and safety are paramount, and we want to make sure we do everything in our power to get through COVID together safely and as healthy as possible as a Community.


Town Staff genuinely looks forward to opening Town Hall for face-to-face business and being able to interact and connect with the community again in a “normal” way.



Green Mountain Falls Town Staff


For more information, contact Angie Sprang, GMF Town Manager,, 719-684-9414 x.5