Teller County Moved to COVID-19 Dial Level Blue – Caution

The Teller County Board of Health has informed the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that Teller County will be moving to “Blue” under the state’s newly-released COVID-19 Dial effective February 18, 2021. Teller County Public Health Director Martha Hubbard has sent a letter to CDPHE informing the State of the change in the COVID-19 risk level in Teller County.
Teller County Commissioner Chairman Bob Campbell, speaking on behalf of the Teller County Commissioners, said the move to Blue is another step towards restoring the freedoms that all Teller County residents should enjoy. “Teller County residents should be applauded for their efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. Kudos to
Teller County Public Health volunteers, staff and our local vaccination partners; we have vaccinated nearly 50% of our over-70 population with the first dose”, said Campbell.
As of today, the incidence rates in Teller County are as follows:
Seven-day cumulative incidence rate: 59/100,000 people
Percent positivity: 3.7%
Number of Vaccines Administered: First Dose: 3481 Second Dose: 1071
These incident rates move Teller County into the COVID-19 Dial Level Blue, effective Thursday, February 18 at 9:00 A.M. Relaxed restrictions going into effect include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Restaurants may operate at 50% of posted occupancy indoors.
 Both indoor and outdoor events can apply for local site variances to Teller County Board of Health.
 Last Call for alcohol service is moved to 12 a.m.
 Gyms may operate at 50% occupancy.
 Indoor events may operate at 50% of posted occupancy not to exceed 225 people.
 Outdoor events may operate at 50% of posted occupancy not to exceed 250 people.
 Casinos may operate at 50% of the posted occupancy limit not to exceed 175-225 people per room indoors.
Teller County is encouraging all residents and businesses to continue to take personal responsibility for their own health and help fight the spread of COVID-19 in our community and remind the general public that all public health orders remain in effect. Those residents interested in receiving vaccination information please see which links to the interactive vaccination interest form.
Additional information on specific sector guidance under COVID-19 Dial Level Blue can be found in Public Health Order (PHO) 20-36 (as amended) which is located at