To the residents and business owners of Cripple Creek

On Wednesday July 22, 2020, I attended a Cripple Creek City Council meeting
that was being held to make a final decision on the allowance of the Salute to
American Veterans Rally.
City Council opened up with commentary on the need to make the decision
and would so after public comment.
After each attendee spoke, the council decided 4 to 1 in favor of canceling the
Within 24 hours, a video was posted by Jim Wear announcing the cancellation
that was met with extreme negative feedback against our city, our businesses,
and our city leaders.
However, Mr. Wear forgot to tell you the other side of the story. His video was
one sided. He did not share the reasoning which was clearly delivered to
the attendees at the meeting. However, he did agree, prior to the vote,
to graciously accept whatever the decision was but broke that agreement after
he left council chambers. His video sparked some very alarming and aggressive
Here is the additional information that should have been shared on that video.
Every council member expressed sincere support of the rally and its mission
and that the decision would be difficult. The delivery was sincere and delivered with
a strong level of understanding the disappointment of rally attendees and organizer’s.
Mayor Ashworth, Tom Litherland, and Meghan Rozell shared the very real and
disturbing financial impact that the City of Cripple Creek has already had to face
during the three month shut down of the casinos. Events, staff, programs and
all the entities that are funded had already been drastically reduced or cut
completely. All departments have been affected.
IF and that was the deciding key word, IF a mass gathering occurred and IF the
event raised the Teller County case level, it would mean a second potential shut
down. This second shut down could and would create a financial situation that
could result in all departments being shut down with the exception of water and emergency
services. Additionally a second shut down would also impact the businesses and casinos
whose fates would be uncertain. In short, a potential collapse of our city as we know it today.
The impact would not affect just 2020 and could carry on into multiple years.
THIS is what Mr. Wear forgot to include in his video.
I ask anyone, if you were in their postion, what you would have done given this choice?

I was extremely proud of the four council persons for being forthright and the ability
to DO THE RIGHT THING for the City of Cripple Creek. THEY face the fire,
THEY take the heat, but they did what they were elected and took an oathe to do. I was
disappointed that Councilperson Trenary did not support such an important city decsion.

Ellen Moore
Cripple Creek Resident