Former Teller Commissioner and Wildlife Chief Backs Williams

Dear Editor:

I wish to add my name to those others endorsing Dan Williams for Teller County Commissioner (District One). As a 44-year taxpayer in our county, former two-term Teller County Commissioner, former Colorado State Wildlife Commissioner, and long-time municipal manager, I know the kind of person that I would wish to serve with. Dan is that kind of guy.

He is a man of integrity, intelligence, hardworking, dedicated proven leader. I have gotten to know him over the last few years, and he has the right vision for our county’s future. He knows our county and well appreciates the lifestyle of living up here at altitude. He will no doubt endeavor to protect our lifestyle and our fragile mountain environment.

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, we face exceedingly difficult times. We need a County Commissioner that will be a steady hand at the reins. With the great difficulties of COVID-19, the failing economy, social strife facing us all here in our county, we need a leader of strength and compassion to meet these challenges and others yet to come. Dan understands what it means to serve and has an outstanding track record of service.

Please vote for Dan now and in the Fall. You deserve the best!


Dennis F. Luttrell