Governor Polis’ on Stay at Home Order Press Briefing

Governor Polis announced this afternoon that the stay at home order will end on Sunday, April 26, as planned. The state will then transition into a “safer at home” phase, during which social distancing and telecommuting are still strongly encouraged. While the stay at home order aimed for 75-80 percent social distancing, the goal in the “safer at home” phase will be 60-65 percent social distancing.
Details of the safer at home phase are below:
  • Retail stores will be able to re-open for curbside delivery and phased-in public opening with strict precautions;
  • Non-essential Offices will be allowed to be 50 percent open, though telecommuting should continue to be maximized;
  • Large workplaces are advised to have symptom and temperature checks, though telecommuting should continue to be maximized;
  • Potential multiple Shifts for larger employers
  • Elective medical services/dental will resume with strict precautions to ensure adequate PPE and ability to meet critical care needs;
  • Personal services (salons, nails, massage) will resume with strict precautions;
  • One-on-one real estate showings will resume. Open houses are still prohibited.
Bars and restaurants will remain closed, open only for takeout and delivery, while they explore phased-in reduced capacity opening. The Governor suggested that restaurants may be able to open in mid-May but this is still undergoing consideration. Public gatherings will remain limited to no more than 10 people. Sick people may not go to work. Coloradans are still encouraged to stay at home except when absolutely necessary. The Governor is still encouraging those who are out to wear masks.
The Governor also noted that Eagle County has submitted an application to re-open. This is the first county that has submitted an application to re-open and the administration is expecting to grant that order later this week.