Mayor-elect Val Carr Thanks The Citizens of Woodland Park

Dear Editor:

Four years ago, I decided to come out of full retirement to start on a path to bring skills and experience I’ve had the good fortune to acquire in my business life to troubling situations we’ve seen for too many years in our beloved Woodland Park.

Businesses were failing left and right.  Council members seemed to get on the council and as soon as their personal project was approved, they would leave.  Local government was expanding rapidly.

It’s been obvious to all of us that true citizens with no personal agendas were desperately needed on City Council.  I’m a problem solver, not a politician.  My goal has been to work diligently to put efficient city government back into the hands of the people.  This is why I decided to run for Mayor.

On April 7, 2020 at 8:35 PM the voters of all ages spoke and gave me the great honor of electing me Mayor of Woodland Park.  The people spoke in a resounding manner to add to our team of City Council representatives dedicated to having citizens leading our city to more productive paths of preserving our character and helping us thrive.

I am thankful for the vote of confidence of the people of Woodland Park.  I shall endeavor to lead us to a new level of success our citizens and businesses desire. As promised, I will work full-time to achieving the community vision and character you deserve.

Val Carr, Mayor-elect of Woodland Park