Woodland Park Council Announces Steps to Grapple with Coronavirus Threat

Dear, Citizens and Business Owners of Woodland Park:

The Mayor and City Council would like you to know that we are working diligently with our City Manager, Staff, County Commissioners, Teller County Health, Sheriffs Department and the Chamber of Commerce, during this rapidly changing time that requires action, flexibility and thorough, accurate information. These are our priorities as we develop and update plans to protect our citizens, our employees, and to continue city and county operations and services.

The Chamber of Commerce has been providing excellent resources in their current emails. It is worth your every effort to click on the links and apply for any financial assistance you may qualify for at this time. This is a link to their site: https://woodlandparkchamber.com/

The City is in current discussion as to how we can best help our businesses during this crisis. The City Council has been meeting 2 at a time with our City Manager to discuss all possible options for financial assistance to our businesses during this crisis. We hope to quickly come to a resolve with helpful options. Perhaps, within the next week, or so.

At this time, the City itself has had to close a number of resources to the community, furlough workers and freeze budget expenditures. This is a difficult period for our entire community.

We want to provide businesses that have closed due to COVID-19 a survey that can be reviewed by the City and Council.

Please take a moment to complete this survey here: https://forms.gle/pfjDoHifhQV484Gi7

A most useful resource for our entire community is: https://www.tellercovid.com/ this site has links to many helpful sites. Including the SBA site and Congressional CARES Act site. The Tellercovid site will also have live, weekly informational sessions that will also be recorded.

Take advantage of the benefit of curbside pick-up at Walmart or City market if you can. You can either call them, use their website or apps. These are the only grocery stores that offer curbside p/up at this time.

Here is our Walmart # (719) 687-1065 OR City Market # (719) 687-3592. Or, you can visit their websites.

If you have a senior citizen as your neighbor please call them and offer to get groceries or necessities for them. Most of us know how to order online. So, if you have a neighbor who may not have the capability to do so, please offer to help them. Our Senior Teller Coalition can help and pets too: 719-687-3330.

Please, stay safe. Social distance. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Wear a face mask and gloves if possible. If you are able to stay home, please do.

During this crisis we have witnessed the strength and compassion of our wonderful community that we are humbled to serve. We want you all to know that if you have any questions or, are in need of any resources at this time, each Council member can be reached by email or phone. If we don’t have an immediate answer for you, we will find it.

Our Sincerest Thanks,

Mayor, Neil Levy: Out of respect for our Mayor at this time, we ask that all inquiries be sent to other Council.

Mayor Pro-Tem Val Carr: 719-686-8228 vcarr@city-woodlandpark.org

Councilwoman, Hilary LaBarre: 303-349-4066 hlabarre@city-woodlandpark.org

Councilwoman, Kellie Case: 719-291-0951 kcase@city-wooodlandpark.org

Councilman, Noel Sawyer: 719-660-4534 nsawyer@city-woodlandpark.org

Councilman, Darwin Naccarato: 719-510-9111 dnaccarato@city-woodlandpark.org

Councilman, Paul Saunier: Councilman Saunier asks for inquires to be directed to other Council.