Smear Tactics Don’t Work In Teller County

Dear Editor: 

Mark Czelusta (Republican candidate for treasurer in Teller County) wants the voters of this affable little county to believe that he is a friendly guy running an upstanding friendly campaign just what the folks of Teller County want from candidates.  

And with all his many years of military service he knows how to handle men and money (Stormy Daniels makes the same claim) and therefore he deserves to be our next County Treasurer.  Well Mr. Czelusta if you are so experienced at handling men why the heck didn’t you reign in Erik Stone.  Does Erik Stone rule you or do you rule him?   After all Mr. Czelusta you are the candidate, Erik Stone is merely the local Republican Party chairman and when Stone undertook to do a dirty deed on your behalf you could have and should have reigned him in – or as it is said in the armed services “stand down solider”.   

The anything but ‘friendly’ complaint filed by Erik Stone against Betty Clark-Wine our candidate for office of Treasurer and current Teller County Assessor, was reviewed by the Secretary of State, Elections Division, and the Findings of the SOS determined:  “The Respondent (Betty Clark-Wine) substantially complied with Colorado campaign finance law.”  The Elections Division found that Betty Clark-Wine’s non-compliance was not an intentional attempt to mislead the electorate or election officials.   The nasty campaign tactic failed.  Mission not accomplished because on October 2, 2018, Erik Stone’s nasty little flee ridden complaint filed on behalf of candidate Czelusta was forever DISMISSED.     It appears that the attempt to smear Betty Clark-Wine’s reputation by candidate Czelusta and his mud slinging solider Erik Stone did not make the grade.  In military terms this amounts to a black Mark on your record and a demotion is in order.

Teller County voters should consider that Mark Czelusta has resided in this county for a very short time.  In fact he only registered to vote on May 6, 2016.    He has held no offices in any city or county position elected or otherwise.  A limited liability company initially registered in Wyoming doing casual business in Colorado employs him.   The voters of Teller County have not had enough time to get to know this self-described so-called friendly candidate.   Are we not to judge him on what he has done and the motivation for why he has done it?  Mark Czelusta made certain that the nasty smear campaign dissing his opponent got in the newspapers within days of filing the September 11 (ominous date) complaint.  But I’ll bet he will not utter a single word about the complaint being totally dismissed by the State Elections Division.   Mr. Czelusta should wait his turn to get his County office.   Commissioner’s District  #1 is up for grabs in 2020.   But then I’ve heard that David Rusterholtz  is slated for that office by the good old boy party. 

The taxpayers, voters and residents of Teller County already know Betty Clark-Wine.     She’s been our accomplished Assessor for 8 years.    Before that she served on the Woodland Park City Council for 4 years andshe has lived in our County for 14 years and even longer in our State.   And I dare say she knows military terms, because her father served honorably in WWII.  

My advise to you Mr. Czelusta   — don’t sling dirt because running a nasty campaign is an insight into a person’s real character.     If you are willing to be nasty to your opponent, then you are willing to be nasty to your constituents.

Jineen McWherter