Woodland Park, Teller County, CO, June 15, 2018
Yesterday, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office and Woodland Park Police conducted a joint
marijuana raid in Woodland Park. The raid netted over 288 pounds of illegal marijuana and 86
live marijuana plants worth approximately 1.4 million dollars on the black market.
On June 14, 2018, deputies and officers from both the Teller County Sheriff’s Office
and Woodland Park Police Department executed a search warrant at 660 Calico Court., an address in
Woodland Park. They discovered over 86 live marijuana plants that weighed 288 pounds, and evidence
that suggests an illegal distribution operation at the address. One individual, Svitlana Azovska, was arrested and
charged with a Drug Felony Three for Cultivation. Azovska is
from Ukraine.
TCSO and WPPD continue to urge the public to report suspicious activities to their respective agencies as
these grows produce black mold in the homes and are an overall detriment to our community.
TCSO 719-687-9252 and WPPD 719-687-9262.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Commander Chris Adams WWPD or
Lieutenant Wes Walter–Deputy PIO at 719-687-9262 (WPPD) 719-761-5470 (TCSO) or email at