Woodland Park RE-2 District Offers Homeschooling Enrichment Academies

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

In more traditional times for public education, school districts did not encourage parents to homeschool their children because it would lower their enrollment numbers, thus decreasing their funds.


However, times have definitely changed and schools are embracing the growing homeschooling movement through enrichment academies. These programs provide an actual curriculum for parents, making it easier to homeschool their kids.  

 For parents who choose to homeschool their children, there are now many options. For years there has been a curriculum available for parents to purchase, so that they can make sure their kids learn all the right subjects and advance their education to a level that would enable them to attend a college or university.

 Recently, more programs are being offered, some that are free of charge. Television commercials can be seen on a regular basis advertising for Colorado Connections Academy which is a free online public school. Parents get the option to have the curriculum and resources to teach their children laid out for them.

 Local school districts throughout Colorado are also coming up with their own “enrichment academies” that are designed to help parents homeschool their kids. At the Woodland Park RE-2 School District, there is an enrichment academy that now provides curriculum and other resources to parents. The school district offers two liaisons for grades K-5 and 6-12. The enrichment academy liaisons, Sandy Struble and Diana Roberts, provide curriculum for parents as well as follow-ups and assistance teaching.

The school district also offers an enrichment program that allows children that are homeschooled to go to the public schools and participate in activities at Gateway and Summit Elementary schools one day a week. Children that do most of their learning either online, or from their parents at home, get a chance to socialize with other homeschool students. More importantly, this allows them to participate in activities that enrich their learning.

 On April 23, the Woodland Park RE-2 School District is offering a homeschool enrichment academy (HEA) open house from 4 to 6:30 p.m. According to the school district’s public relations specialist Stacy Schubloom, the event is for anyone who is currently homeschooling their children, or people who are interested in learning more about the district’s enrichment academy. The event is being held at Summit Elementary School and offers some resources for local parents.

 Parents have the option to either bring their kids or leave them at home.

Parents can look around at different offerings and programs as well as meet the two online teachers/liaisons.

They will have the chance to observe displays and demonstrations from curriculum representatives and get a chance to meet Teresa Henderson a representative from Peak Fuel Ed Curriculum Company.  

Parents will also get a chance to tour classrooms and talk with all of the staff that puts on the local HEA program.