GMF Nearing the Finish Line in Selecting Town Boss

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~ by Rick Langnberg ~

Pending any last-minute snags, Green Mountain Falls should have a new town manager on board by the beginning of this week.

Green Mountain Falls Mayor Jane Newberry

Last Tuesday, Green Mountain Falls Mayor Jane Newberry announced that former Manitou Springs head administrator Jason Wells will be taking the reins of the town, under a new plan approved by the trustees. Wells, who was recently ousted as Manitou’s top boss, will serve as GMF’s interim town manager for three months. Salary arrangements are still under negotiations, according to Newberry. The board held a special meeting on Feb. 24, and details of this session were publicly announced last week.  

In fact, under this proposal, Wells could start his new temporary assignment in managing GMF as early as this week.

However, town leaders are still committed to the prospects of hiring a permanent town manager. Already, at least 14 candidates have applied for the job. As one of his initial assignments, Wells will play a key role in assisting the board in their selection of a new permanent town manager/clerk.  

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