WP Council Nearly Finalizes Plans for Securing a New City Boss

Proposed compensation could reach $145,000 a year

~ by Bob Volpe ~

Woodland Park city leaders have finally laid out a plan regarding how to hire the town’s next head boss to replace departing manager David Buttery


At last week’s regular meeting, the council got down to the details about advertising for the position. Previously, council went into executive session to discuss the methodology they would implement to seek out a new city manager. At issue were approval of such issues as a salary range, the job description to be advertised and the actual job announcement.

The discussions in executive session hinged on updating the existing job description, and the semantics used to make the applications as clear as possible.

The first item up for approval at last week’s meeting was the salary range to be offered for the new city manager. Council’s consensus was that a compensation level of between $100,000 and $140,000 was appropriate. Mayor Pro Tem Carrol Harvey said, “The discussion of the salary range was based on a number of factors, including a comparison to like size cities, as well as using federal pay scales.”

Council voted unanimously to approve the salary range. Those compensation numbers, though, may raise a few eyebrows among local residents. The upper salary range is much higher than what city leaders have offered for this position in the past  

The council also approved the job description for the position.  Mayor Neil Levy began by hanking those who worked to develop the job description details.  He said, “It was much more arduous than any of us imagined, but we’ve got a great job description now and it’s an improved, updated document that we can fall back on in the future.”

Harvey noted the job description was reviewed by the council’s legal advisers at no charge to the city.

After a brief discussion, the motion was approved unanimously. The last hurdle to overcome, in order to set the wheels in motion for searching for a new city manager, involved approving the application process.  Plus, the city also must publicize the fact that it is searching for a new head boss, and find the best way to get the word out.

Councilman Val Carr came up with a draft for the job announcement based on recommendations by Harvey. He confessed he drew up the draft at the last minute and even the rest of council didn’t have a copy of his draft at the meeting.

Harvey suggested that council have at least 48 hours to look over and finalize the draft.

Levy asked city attorney Erin Smith how long it would take for her office to approve the final copy. Smith replied, “It would depend on our employment lawyer’s time frame. It worked out very well last time, that there was an immediate window, so if she is available I think we would get a quick turnaround.”

Levy hoped council could come to a consensus by the end of the weekend. Council members also hope that the job offer would be posted by the next regular council meeting on February 15.


The time clock, though, is ticking for the council. Buttery is slated to step down from his city manager post in April.