Bronco Billy’s Pursuing Major Hotel Expansion


It has been nearly a decade since the sight of heavy machinery moving around in Cripple Creek took place, and that the town experienced new hotel development. But expansion fever is now alive and well in the Creek.

Ever since Full House Resorts purchased Bronco Billy’s two years ago, they have made it clear they want to increase the offerings and amenities for their patrons.

Last week, Full House representatives outlined details of a major 150-room, four-star development that was first announced in November. The plan is quite bold and would transform Billy’s into a major casino/resort. Full House representatives held a series of public meetings, hosted by Bronco Billy’s.

The ambitious proposal would call for a major road vacation and the demolition of the old Gold Rush Amphitheater and two historic structures. The plan is to build a super casino resort including a parking garage that fills the entire area and then some. The new and improved resort will have luxury amenities that Cripple Creek has never seen before.   The project is not yet a done deal, with many pre-hotel planning hurdles remaining. The plan must pass through the historic preservation committee then the casino officials are forced to make their case to the town’s elected officials. The five person council has the power in their hands to buck the bronco or let Bronco Billy’s buck up to the number one Cripple Creek casino position.

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