Teller Sheriff to Address Community Concerns Regarding Marijuana-Grow Operations

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

With the recent law changes and the rapid increase in illegal marijuana-grow busts locally, the topic of legal cannabis is once again gaining the spotlight in Teller County.

The county has been on the nightly news quite often, resulting from the large marijuana-grow arrests the sheriff’s office has carried out. At the start of 2018, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office announced the start of their “Get Out of Teller” campaign, and they have made that point clear. The publicity of recent busts has raised a question within the community as to when growing marijuana is legal, and when it is not.

On Monday, February 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Florissant Grange Hall, Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell will be discussing details about this hot topic. The community oriented presentation is intended to inform the public, and it is entitled, “Legal and Illegal Marijuana in the News – What Does It Mean For Teller County?” According to fliers put out advertising the event,  Mikesell will “share his plan for Teller County as it relates to marijuana grows.”

The event will feature a presentation from the sheriff and an open question and answer session regarding legal and illegal marijuana-grows.

According to the event’s agenda, the sheriff’s presentation will highlight a variety of issues relating to  marijuana. For example, the sheriff will discuss the current marijuana laws, and how these impact county residents. Then he is going to discuss the “good, bad and the ugly” of the Teller sheriff office’s role in marijuana enforcement.

 Mikesell will explain the positive aspects of the state’s recreational marijuana movement, and how these impact Teller residents. He will also explain “the bad,” or the concerns regarding legal marijuana. He then will outline“the ugly,” or the sheriff office’s areas of focus and a plan of action. Mikesell will also highlight the District Attorney’s success with previous cases.

The presentation will conclude with a brief explanation regarding the role Teller County citizens can play in marijuana enforcement. Mikesell will explain how to report someone who may be growing marijuana illegally. More specifically, the sheriff will explain what to look for and what to report.

The session will end with an open question and answer forum.

According to Florissant Grange #420 member Don Reed, this presentation is the first of a variety of events the Grange will host this year. Reed said that the Florissant Grange plans on having some sort of educational forum once a month. The other events will have an expert give a presentation on an important issue that concerns local residents.   These presentations will conclude with a question and answer session. Reed believes that forums like these will help improve community involvement.