Ousted Manitou Springs Manager May Become Head Boss For GMF

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

Manitou Springs’ sudden loss from their head administrative ranks could become a big gain for the town of Green Mountain Falls—at least according to the views of local leaders. 

Jason Wells, who was recently outed as the top manager for Manitou Springs, may soon take the full reins of Green Mountain Falls on a temporary basis.  On Tuesday, the GMF Board of Trustees gave Mayor Jane Newberry the go-ahead to pursue talks with Wells, who recently received the axe from Manitou Springs, with a new mayoral administration. Few details have been released regarding the parting of ways between Wells and Manitou Springs Mayor Ken Jaray.  Wells served as the head city boss for Manitou Springs for three and a half years.

On Tuesday evening, the GMF trustees expressed cautious optimism about bringing Wells on board as an interim town manager either as a contract employee or regular temporary employee.  

However, the main obstacle is money, as GMF is not equipped to pay Wells what he received for running Manitou Springs. Newberry cited Wells’ familiarity with the area and his expertise in doing such plans as  hazard mitigation, a biggie for GMF these days. Newberry said Wells understands the fiscal limitations of Green Mountain Falls, and has approached GMF about the possibility of serving as a temporary town manager, at the suggestion of state Department of Local Affairs Regional Director Clay Brown.   

While endorsing the idea, GMF leaders still want to pursue the option of hiring a permanent town manager.

The latest development represents an 180-degree turn for GMF leaders, who just recently scoffed at the idea of hiring an interim town manager. But when it comes to the GMF’s town manager situation, the community has sported a revolving door.    

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