Local Holiday Shopping Spree Kicks Off With A Bang

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

During the month of November, multiple Colorado cities have broken high temperature records. Many think that the success of Black Friday had to do with the economy and the record-breaking warm weather. 


The Black Friday holiday has always been known as a shopping celebration.  But other businesses saw a spike over the holiday weekend as well. In the area, Black Friday is not only a day to get out to local stores but a day to bring the family out for recreational activities. In years past, places like local restaurants, amusement parks, and casinos get busier during the Black Friday holiday weekend than normal weekends during the fall.


This year many local businesses experienced an increase in business over this shopping weekend. Some local businesses even experienced record-breaking sales between the Black Friday and last weekend, when the Woodland Park Holiday Home Tour and the Lighter Side of Christmas Parade took place. 


During Black Friday weekend, both the Ute Pass Brewing Company and the Historic Ute Inn noticed a spike in business. This may be attributed to an overall trend.


The day before Thanksgiving, many local bars and restaurants were abnormally busy as well.  Representatives from the Southern Lilly Restaurant said that they were a lot busier than most Wednesday nights. During last weekend when people were in town for the parade, both the Historic Ute Inn and the Ute Pass Brewing Company were standing-room only. 


Local retail businesses also noticed a spike during the last two weekends. According to Tanner Coy, Tweeds Fine Furnishings had the most profitable Black Friday they experienced since 2014. Coy also said that the Saturday after Black Friday, “was also real good for us.” He went on to say that last weekend during the holiday home tour and the Christmas parade, Tweeds had a record-breaking weekend for sales. 


This year, Walmart started their Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving night at 6 p.m. When TMJ staff showed up at the retail store at around 7 p.m., the parking was almost completely filled with cars. People were packed into the store to get in on all of the holiday’s special sales prices.


The day after Black Friday has been recently designated as Small Business Saturday. A number of local businesses including Chainsaw Busby’s and Aspen Groove Creations held sales and specials for Small Business Saturday in order to help generate support for local businesses during the holiday weekend. Both businesses said that they received a spike in sales during the weekend.


Other more recreational related businesses also reported more traffic over the Black Friday holiday weekend. Santa’s Workshop, a Christmas-themed amusement park located at the foot of Pikes Peak in Cascade, also reported an increase in revenue during the holidays. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Tom Haggard, the owner/general manager of Santa’s Workshop said that they had the busiest day before Thanksgiving the park has ever experienced since it opened in the 1950s.


On that Wednesday they recorded a record-breaking number of 2,300 people going into the park. On Black Friday, normally the amusement park’s busiest day, the park recorded nearly 3,000 patrons and visitors, a number that came close to breaking their record.


 After the weekend, the other popular day was Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has been known as the Black Friday holiday for online shopping. The Mountain Jackpot ran Round 2 of their holiday auction, in coordination with local businesses, on Cyber Monday. According to preliminary reports, they received much interest in specialty items from viewers. TMJ plans to continue this auction throughout the month of December. For more details, visit www.mountainjackpot.com or mountainjackpotfacebook.