Peak Internet Expands Fiber Optic Service to Divide and Summit Elementary

Peak Internet announced last week that it has completed a seven-mile run of fiber optic cable, running from Woodland Park to Divide.

This expansion of Peak Internet’s service brings high-speed internet service into several rural areas, including Summit Elementary School. With this effort, Peak Internet has also built fiber lines to the company’s many microwave tower sites, both in Divide and in Teller County’s more rural regions.

The Summit Elementary line is a direct 10Gbps fiber connection running from the school district’s main building in Woodland Park. Peak Internet completed this line several months ago, in anticipation of the school year that started this autumn.

This isn’t Peak Internet’s first expansion of this kind. Peak Internet has dedicated its expansion efforts to bringing reliable high-speed internet into rural areas. Other companies stall on connecting these areas due to their relative isolation and perceived lack of cost-effectiveness. But since 2003, Peak Internet has built its business on connecting even Colorado’s most isolated areas to the internet.

Peak Internet’s network is owned entirely by the company and doesn’t piggyback off other companies’ services. Because Peak Internet owns the whole network, the company has built it to be redundant, meaning the company guarantees 100 percent uptime to its clients. Businesses, public organizations and private residences alike enjoy Peak Internet’s downtime-free service.

Peak Internet is also renowned throughout the region for its speed, and customers can expect to see even faster service with the new changes to the company’s network. “Having our fiber optic backbone to Divide means we’re able to increase the speed into our microwave towers in the rural parts of the county,” says Jayson Baker, the company’s CEO.

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About Peak Internet

Peak Internet was the original broadband provider for Teller County, founded in 2003.

As the largest broadband provider in Teller County, Peak Internet services more homes and businesses than any other provider. With our extensive microwave and fiber backbone, we provide the best service, ensure the highest uptimes and service our customers’ needs, unlike any other provider.