Panthers Face Tough Onslaught by Canon City Powerhouse

Panthers Face Tough Onslaught by Canon City Powerhouse

Fans witness one of the state’s leading pigskin titans


By Trevor Phipps

Let’s face the inevitable, losing reality.


Woodland Park football fans knew last Friday would be a rough night for our Panther boys, in their bout against an extremely powerful Canon City team. However, the conclusion of the game brought both good news and bad news to local pigskin fanatics. The good news is that the Panthers did not get shut out again and their offense was able to put some points up on the board.


The Panther defense also did not allow quite as many points as they did the previous week. The bad news is that the Panthers still got smoked by the now 8-1 Canon City Tigers by a score of 48 to 7. But, hey, the Tigers are said to be one of the best high school football teams in the state this year!


The Panthers were getting riddled by the Tigers during most of the game and were down at halftime by a score of 42 to nothing. The Tigers were able to score with a variety of rushing plays, passing plays and even a pick-six. The score was 48-0 at the start of the fourth quarter.


During the last quarter of the game, the Panthers were able to squeak out one touchdown to get some points so that they did not have to suffer another shutout in the 2017 season.


Well, the hopes of the Panthers going to any sort of playoff game were pretty much eliminated a while ago.


However, the Panther boys must stay focused because they still have one game left of the 2017 season. For the seniors on the team, this may be their last game playing football. The now 3-6 Panthers have a chance at this next one as they finish their season on the road against the 3-6 Lewis-Palmer Rangers.



Air Force Falcons Bomb the Colorado State Rams

Last Saturday afternoon a rival game took place in Fort Collins, as two Mountain West Conference in-state rival teams competed in a battle of the fittest to see who would take home the Ram-Falcon Trophy.


The Air Force Falcons were the underdogs as the Rams are sitting comfortably in first place in the Mountain West Conference but the Falcons had a record of 22-15 in prior games against the Rams going into the game.


Last Saturday, the Falcons went up to Fort Collins and were able to prove that they are good at beating the Rams. Despite the fact that the Falcons were considered an underdog this year, it is never wise to short change a conference rival team. The score stayed close throughout most of the game and the Falcons only had a lead of 31-28 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter the Rams completely lost their momentum and gave up two unanswered touchdowns to lose the game by a high score.


The Air Force Falcons need to stay focused this week and continue to make improvements to their young team if they want to have a chance next Saturday. On November 4, the Falcons come back home to take on the Army Black Knights. Even though bowl game chances are pretty much shot at this point, this is a good opportunity for the Falcons to improve their team for next year.


The Rams this week need to focus on the goal at hand—- winning the Mountain West Conference. They can’t get too comfortable with their first place position in their conference, for Boise State and Wyoming are right on their tail, AND the two teams are the Rams’ opponents for the next two weeks. Next week the ongoing saga of the “Border Wars” continue as the Rams travel only about an hour north across the state border into enemy territory.


Now I know I have mentioned the Rams being rivals with both the Colorado Buffaloes and the Air Force Falcons, but those rivalries are an in-state stuff that is quite common. The true enemies of the green and gold are those evil Cowboys to the north. One year while I was at CSU, Wyoming students broke into the Rams’ Hughes Stadium in the middle of the night just before the big rival game and painted a giant “UW” across the Rams’ football field. They were not able to get the field fixed in time and the Panther fans were disgusted when we had to watch the infamous Border Wars game and look at a faded “UW” painted across our field!


Anyways, this week the now Rams go on the road to battle their ultimate rival team the now Wyoming Cowboys.


Colorado Buffaloes Devour Cal. Golden Bears

Last Saturday was a good day for the Buffs as they earned their second in-conference win during a home game on a pleasant fall afternoon.


The Buffs were able to defeat fellow Pac-12 competitors the California Golden Bears with an astonishing score of 44 to 28.


The Buffs were not sure at the beginning of the game which of their quarterbacks would start.


Just before the game started the Buffs announced that Steven Montez will be back at the team’s lead position. Montez came back and put on quite a performance. It seemed as if the quarterback was upset that he was almost passed up as starting quarterback and he came out last Saturday and tried to prove himself. The Golden Bears offense had some tricks up their sleeves and put four touchdowns up on the scoreboard, but it wasn’t enough.


After a nice weekend at home, the Buffs get prepared this week to take a trip down south to Sun Devil Stadium. Next Saturday night at 7 PM the now 5-4 Buffs go on the road to challenge the Arizona State Sun Devils. Just like the Falcons, the Buffs’ chances for a bowl game are pretty much non-existent at this point but they need to keep playing hard for pride. Advice for the Buffs: try not to get burned by the Sun Devils too bad (I hear they are sneaky) and stay hydrated it’s going to be a lot hotter down there than you are used to.