Broncos/Chiefs Preview

~ by Bob Volpe ~

Next week the Broncos travel to Kansas City to face off against the
Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are reeling from a last minute upset last week at the hands
of the Raiders. This week’s match up in Arrowhead Stadium is yet
another night game for the Broncos.

The last time the Broncos played on national TV they were embarrassed
by the 0-5 New York Giants 23-10. This week the game is much more
important. This is a division game.

The Raiders/Chiefs game was a shootout between Alex Smith and Derek
Carr that came down to a TD pass from Carr to Crabtree with no time
left on the clock.

The Broncos have their work cut out for them in this one. Many still
consider the Chiefs to be the best team in the NFL despite a two game
losing streak.

After the loss to the Chargers the Broncos need to start thinking
about making some big changes. Not scoring a touchdown in 17 quarters
is not only not acceptable; it’s unprofessional. Granted a big part of
the problem is injury at the tackle position and poor pass protection
by the O line, but Siemian has completely lost his confidence.

Since the win over Dallas, Siemian has de-evolved into a quivering
bowl of Jello. He is aware of his issues, but continues to make the
same mistakes over and over. Staring down receivers, not stepping up
into the pocket, inaccurate passing, and not reading the defense are
rookie mistakes. Head Coach Vance Joseph said Siemian had his best
practice last week. Really?

The Broncos in general are stuck in a continuous loop of making the
same mistakes over and over. Drive killing penalties on offense and
drive extending penalties on defense are bad enough. When you add in
2-4 turnover losses per game, you have a recipe for constant failure.

They say doing the same thing over and over and expecting different
results is the definition of insanity. Who ever is driving the bus for
the Broncos is starring straight into the face of insanity.

What started out as a promising, though unexpected, good season has
turned into 2016, 2.0.

The Chiefs are a well oiled machine, going up against a rusty 1995
Ford Explorer; hit it in the ass and it explodes.

Coming off that loss to the Raiders, the Chiefs will reorganize, make
adjustments, and game plan for next Monday night. It shouldn’t be a
difficult task, since the tape will show the same weaknesses the
Broncos can’t seem to address.

If the Broncos don’t start Brock Osweiler next week, they may as well
phone this one in and save the air fare. Siemian is a serious
liability at this point. The Broncos have nothing to lose by benching

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Osweiler brings the offense back from the
verge of collapse? He left the Broncos for Houston. Flopped there.
Gets traded to Cleveland where he got cut. Then the Broncos bring him
back for practically nothing, and Cleveland gets stuck with his big

It’s hard enough to win at Arrowhead with a team that is playing good
football. The Broncos are not playing good football.

The official TMJ/ Russ’ place pick: Chiefs win this one big. 38-10