Broncos/Raiders Preview

~ by Bob Volpe ~
It’s that time again Bronco Country. The hated Raiders come to town next week, We’ll get to the preview and pick in a minute.
You have to give the Bills credit for playing a passionate game, BUT, the Broncos should have beaten the Bills. The Broncs had more first downs; 21-16; they had more yards rushing, 111-75; they had more yards
passing; 255-197; and they held Shady McCoy to 21 yards rushing.
So what happened? Two untimely interceptions by Siemian killed drives. Untimely penalties on the defense gave the Bills unearned 1st downs. Coach Joseph’s decision to go for it on fourth and two from the Bronco 31 yard line that failed and led to three points for the Bills. Oh yeah, the refs blew it big time. The “Unsportsman Like Conduct” call against Von Miller was a joke. (Not the ha ha kind). It’s OK for
a player to celebrate a sack with a victory dance, but that little joke (The ha ha kind.) he did on Taylor is a foul. BULL. That call and the incomplete pass call on Sanders, were the ball touched the ground while Sanders still had both arms under the ball, was another joke.
(Not the ha ha kind.). On the pass Brady threw to Cook, for a touchdown to beat the Texans in the last seconds of that game last Sunday, more of the ball hit the ground than Sander’s catch. Oh.
That’s right, the Pats get special treatment OK. Homer rant over.
Justin Forsett (20) of the Denver Broncos runs for 64 yards against the Oakland Raiders during the second quarter on Sunday, January 1, 2017. The Denver Broncos hosted the Oakland Raiders. 

Broncos Raiders Showdown

Looking ahead to next week’s match up with the Raiders. Last week the Washington Redskins dominated the Raiders on both sides of the ball. The Skins held Marshawn Lynch to 18 yards rushing, and
the entire Raiders team to a total 128 yards of offense and zero third down conversions.
The Bronco/Raider match up is one of the NFL’s storied rivalries. When its Raider week in Bronco Country the gloves come off and it is all hands on deck.
Next week’s game is going to be the real beginning of the battle for the AFC West.
Here is how the match up looks on paper:
Passing: Derek Carr passer rating of 101.4, a completion rate of 70 percent, 6 TDs, 2 INTs, and 600 yards passing, . Trevor Siemian passer rating of 87.5, a completion rate of 63.0, 6 TDs, 4 INTs, and 709 yards passing. Advantage: Raiders by 1 point.
Rushing: The Raiders have rushed for 321 yards on 69 carries, and average 4.7 yards per carry. Their leading rusher is Marshawn Lynch with 139 yards. The Broncos have rushed for 429 yards on 98 carries,
and average 4.4 yards per carry. The leading rusher is CJ Anderson with 235 yards. Advantage: Broncos by .5 point.
Receiving: The Raiders have 610 yards receiving, and average 9.5 yards per catch. Their leading receiver is Michael Crabtree with 170 yards. The Broncos have 709 yards receiving and average 11.3 yards per catch.
Their leading receiver is Demarius Thomas 236 yards. Advantage: Broncos by 1 point.
Defense yards allowed and points allowed: The Raiders defense has allowed 337 yards rushing, 756 yards passing, and allow an average of 21.0 points per game. The Broncos defense has allowed 179 yards
rushing, 610 yards passing, and allow an average 21.3 points per game.Advantage toss up: 0 points.
Defensive sacks: Raiders have 6 sacks. Broncos have 7 sacks. Advantage toss up 0 points.
Total points scored this year: Raiders 63. Broncos 64. Advantage toss
up: 0 points.
Total offensive yards per game: Raiders 364.3. Broncos 263.0.
Advantage: Raiders by 1 point.
Special Teams: The Raiders kickoff returns average 27.6 yards. Broncos kickoff returns average 28.4 yards. Raiders punt return average 22 yards. Broncos punt return average 14 yards. Advantage Raiders by .5points.
Turnovers: The Raiders have turned the ball over 10 times. The Broncos have turned the ball over 6 times. Advantage Broncos by 1 point. The stats and advantages on all counts point to a tie.
The official TMJ/Russ’ Place pick: Broncos win with the tie breaker being home field advantage. 27-24.